Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jack and Felix the Foster Cat

Perhaps you have already met,
but if not,
let me introduce you to... 

Jack/Golden Doodles as pets
...a member of our family since September 2012. (more about how he arrived here)
A gentle giant of sorts and a real gem to have around.

Now, let me introduce you to...

I know you have not met him since he is a kitten that we just recently took in ... temporarily....
until a suitable home can be found.

Felix arrived 7 days ago and immediately took to sleeping on the stairs.

It was a good quick get-away location between upstairs bedrooms
where he had access to under the bed security...

and the kitchen where food and water sources were placed.
But of course that meant getting around Jack....

who loves to sleep by the door,
which is also close to the food and water...

which meant that Felix had to get to know Jack...

and of course Jack had to learn how to deal with Felix.

and eventually
we all just learn to get along,
Sure we do....
Jack and Felix/Golden Doodle hugging a cat
Oh and no we did not place his arm around the kitten.....
this scene broke up once they realized they were being observed.

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À Bientôt


  1. I see Kitty becoming a permanent member of the family!

  2. OMG!! Love! We've had our cat for nearly 4 years and my dog just tolerates her. I'd love it if they got along so nicely!

    Temporary home, yeah right! Our cat was a foster too who never left, lol!


  3. Awww. that last photo is so sweet. Jack is such a sweet dog and although I don't really care for cats, I do like photos of them. Felix is cute. I'm glad they are getting along so well.

  4. :D That last photo is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Unreal. I think Felix has found a home {right} (??????)

  5. That is so sweet.

    Our toy poodle and our first adopted cat are best friends. They are always together. It is precious.

  6. Jack is one good hearted dog! This post brings a real smile to my face. Are you sure Felix is temporary?

  7. Awww, I love this!! That last photo is just the sweetest! Are you sure Felix is leaving??? :)

  8. So so cute. Thanks for sharing on BeColorful this week. I know everyone will enjoy reading this.


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