Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am back to square one...
and I think this is where I will end up in the living room.

Our lovely lamps are going to push me to do something to our storage room bedroom.
They are there and waiting.

In the meantime....
I hope it is not raining where you are...
or snowing...
or freezing rain...

but just sunny and bright!!
Fingers crossed for you.... 


  1. Yes, that is the lamp idea I was thinking of or one with a curved arm. Either way. Do you have the Jan/Feb issue of Country Living? There is a nice fire wood storage rack in it, an article near the front on page 25. Pricey but a neat idea for you. Check it out.

  2. That's a pretty image. I love the lamp. Year's ago I bought a lamp from Restoration Hardware that reminds me of that one. It's on my back porch right now. That's when RH had one store in Marin county, California. Twenty years ago??? Anyway it was when I was a student and before they were outrageously priced. The lamp adjusts up and down.

    But now there are many stores to chose from on line these days with better buys.

  3. What a beautiful photo Donna!
    It DOES look like a RH lamp - loving it!

  4. It looks great so all is well that ends well. Warm and windy day here, turned to rain tonight and then snow. Crazy weather!

  5. Nice lamps - hey did you paint that basket on the floor?? If you did, what colour/type of paint did you use? I have that same basket in blue & orange...

  6. Oh never mind, I just realized it's an inspiration shot! lol

  7. I know I must have said before, but I do love the white slip covers!

  8. I really love the floor lamp! :D And the white slipcovers are pretty, too!


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