Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pantry Control

You read .... Panty Control....didn't ya?

Well, I guess on a certain level, that is really what I mean.
Pantry control refers to different levels of management.
The red Santa pantry skirt is put away for another year and out came the yellow striped curtain.

You know what is hiding under there....right?
Washer and dryer are carefully concealed behind that curtain.
But they are not the real problem....

No, the problem is that
I am going to have to avoid this area of the kitchen for awhile...

You see....there they are...
3 of them in a row, known as sugar, flour and more sugar.
And they live in the pantry.

So, I plan on creating a little distance between myself and those three.
Ignoring them for awhile....
they have held centre stage around here for the last month
and now it is time...

to pull back and focus on other areas....
such as my never-wilting amaryllis.
How is that you they are not fake...

And no this is not a resolution or anything...
just sayin'.
But, have you got any?
Resolutions, that is...

I think I had better share this with Feathered Nest Friday
and Common Ground
and Cedar Hill Ranch
À Bientôt


  1. Good idea Donna - those items have had too much control over me lately too!!!
    I just love your " pantry " or " butlers pantry " as I prefer to call it - always wanted one of them!!! Actually I would even take a butler.....

  2. You are too cute Donna. I love this pantry and it's beautiful skirt but I agree we need to put away the sugar and flour for a while. I hope I can stick with it. I love your never wilting amaryllis too. It looks something like mine but mine will wilt soon.

  3. I love the change, so bright and cheery! Just beautiful!

    1. January feels like the time for bright and cheery....gotta hold off those winter blues with a hit of yellow stripe!

  4. :D I just love getting glimpses of your adorable kitchen!!! I've decided to go with monthly goals this year. I tried to write a few annual goals, but it was an exercise in frustration!


  5. It's amazing what a magnet "those three" have, isn't it? lol I don't have any resolutions for the year, but avoiding "those three" would be wonderful!

  6. Ditto!!! We here have frozen all the choc... candies....everything tasty.
    Now to try not to look into the freezer!!
    Not making any goals, cause I know they will get

  7. I have always loved your pantry. And, I totally hear you on distancing yourself from "those three." Weight Watchers started yesterday...


  8. Even my 'big girl' pants are getting tight! Time to do something about it. sigh

  9. Yup. For me it's not the sugar and the flour, it's the darn dryer. It seems to be broken. Over the past few weeks it has shrunk ALL my clothing. Yeah, that's it, it's the dryer...

    Love your kitchen!



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