Saturday, February 23, 2013


Did you know they were back?

I bought my first cameo ring when I was on a trip to Europe with my high school.
It felt so right and I loved the fact that nobody else had one.

I have no idea what happened to it.... it was from a Wedgewood store,
with that lovely blue.

There is something..... rather elegant.... about cameos
don't you think?

I just checked out Etsy and there are some lovely little cameo earrings available at amazing

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Now, not that I am reacting to a trend here....
just a little cameo love....

These little beauties are in the mail.
They may just deserve an evening out on the town??
Don't you think....
Hair up.... drop earrings.... nice dinner??


  1. I think they are very pretty and feminine.

  2. I adore cameos, I think I always have, even when they were completely out of fashion. I have a black Wedgwood brooch that I treated myself to two years ago.

  3. Hi,

    I just love cameos. I'm very glad to hear they're back! I had a rose and brooch wedding bouquet which included a blue Wedgwood type cameo like yours. It was my 'something blue'!

    Sweet Auburn Life...

  4. I think cameos are so pretty and feminine. I think you really need the earrings from Etsy! ;P

    Such a pretty post, Donna!


  5. I remember when these were in style but never had one. I love the earrings you chose and those collections are so beautiful. Yes, do dress up and enjoy a nice date night with your new purchase dangling from your ears. :)

  6. Those drop earring cameos are gorgeous, you will be the talk of the town! I love cameos, as a teenager I longed for even just one. I don't think I ever had even one, though. :)


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