Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Feature - Butterfly and Bungalow

I am turning Friday into my day to share some of the amazing bloggers that I am enjoying and perhaps you have yet to discover.

There are a lot of big blogs that we all know and love
what I am really finding interesting are some of the smaller blogs
that I have come across.

Those blogs that are still able to respond to your comments
and have time to write a comment themselves.

I don't want to make this sound like I am poo-pooing big blogs....not at all.
But the size of the blog-o-sphere has grown at such a rapid-fire pace that it is easy for us to get a bit
lost in this jungle.

So, let me introduce you to  Sue at Butterfly and Bungalow...
Sue has impressed me with her great eye and extraordinary vision which transformed this little bungalow

into this....
and then THIS.....

Isn't that lovely?!

This 70 year old cottage is still a work in progress and you can certainly spot her flair for decorating when you look through a few images
that reveal the inside of this darling bungalow.

She has done a lovely job of turning this house into a home...
and I wouldn't doubt that the house itself would happily agree.

Don't you love it when a home oozes character and does not feel staged.

The living area is so inviting ... yet when you read her blog you will understand that every space serves a clear purpose within this home.

Her daughter's bedroom speaks to the fun and lively part of childhood and yet  at the same time it is so calming through the use of warm and wonderful colours.
Apparently it was the site of a Mad Tea Party at one time...
No doubt about that as
there is a certain sense of whimsy in this room that clearly reveals the presence of a young creative mind.

I think I can almost hear the music playing....
Can't you?

I just wish I was there...
reminds me of a possible scene from the Sound of Music. :)

Drop by and check her out as she renovates the kitchen... trust me, it is going to be gorgeous!!

Click on the image below and off you go.

All images from the blog..... Butterfly and  Bungalow


  1. What a beautiful thing to do Donna - I ran over - and am now following!
    You're a sweetheart!

    1. Don't you love what she has done with her place? I think you will enjoy following her kitchen reno.

  2. I love seeing other home makeovers and renovations. This is a sweet blog. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Oh my gosh, Donna. This is so beautifully written.

    I'm so touched. Thank you.

  4. I love that blog! And I'm already a follower.

    1. Good. I think she has some interesting projects.

  5. What a lovely place! What a transformation for that cottage!


  6. Um, it's gorgeous. That transformation is insanely amazing. I am in love with that color.

  7. What a charming little cottage. Thanks for introducing us to Butterfly Bungalow! I'll go check out her kitchen renovation soon because ours is starting on Feb. 15th!!! YIKES!

  8. She has done a great job on updating her cottage. I love those wonderful corner windows.


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