Thursday, February 7, 2013

Marché aux Puces

I love a good mirror...
one with character and mood.


I found two at a local marché aux puces.
I am temporarily incorporating one of them into my dining room
although this one belongs to my daughter when she is ready ....

BUT OH, isn't she lovely?

Perhaps a little too pretty for my dining room

I think she is sweet.

 This image is about as Valentine-sy as it gets around here......

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  1. Very sweet! I actually like mixing things up a bit for some added interest and this does it perfectly.

  2. Nothign is too pretty for a dining-room! I love the mirror, but it's so pretty, your daugther will want it soon!

    1. Well, I think you are right. Our dining room has been lacking the pretty factor. Sometimes I become a bit too practical so I am looking at some changes in this space. Thanks for dropping by Magali.

  3. Hi Donna. I love your new mirror. I'm sure you'll find the right spot for it but it kind of looks fun hanging there too. :)

  4. Oh she is lovely and especially against the shelves. You will have to look out for one of your own.

  5. Oh Donna - it's gorgeous - and I love how it looks with the rustic - a little glitz looks beautiful anywhere!

  6. She is pretty and I like that unexpected element. A classic mirror goes with anything. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Just my opinion. But your room is not too far off from the one on WE with the rustic table and that shell chandelier. Gosh down to the modern piece of art on the wall! That interesting hotel looking cabinet you have on the wall takes the place of all the wood they have in theirs. Keep the white slipcovered chairs; and if you go with the shell chandelier, and then don't like the wicker chairs, slip in two wire chairs similar to WE. Just my opinion.

    Have fun regardless!!!


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