Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Happy List

I like this idea,
of a Happy List.

So, this week I am joining one of my favourite bloggers, Ricki Jill from Art@Home
creating my own LIST.

So, here goes...

I am happy that these two have become friends. 
When we first made the decision to take Felix in, I was really worried about how these
two characters would get along.

Love sweet love has been the POSITIVE outcome of this matching...
Of course Felix prefers Jack's food and Jack is a little TOO INTERESTED IN THE KITTY LITTER...
BUT, all in all they are a fun couple to have around.


I am so happy that I have such a great group of people working with me,
aren't they a good-lookin' gang?

They are such great professionals
when the work is done
we really enjoy going out for mango martinis to celebrate.

Couldn't be better....really

Of course because of #2 I can really be happy about #3....
my workplace is in good hands which means that I can go on a ski holiday
This is the peak to peak that connects Whistler and Blackcomb...

My mom is going to be 85 this year...
She looks great, feels great and is as hip as ever!
So, I am happily looking forward to our summer trip up to Tadoussac.

and finally #5
I am so happy that I purchased and downloaded Downton Abbey last night on iTunes....

I watched episode 1 last night and I am truly in love....
Hey, I've got a lot to be happy about!!
What about you??

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  1. I'm happy you have Downton Abbey; really do like that series!
    Wonderful photo of the tram between Whistler and Backcomb Mountains.

  2. This is such a great list! Thanks so much for your've made me happy! Just look at your furbabies! That is the sweetest photo. Trip has skied Whistler and he loves it! I know you'll have a great time on your trip. And I hate to admit that I've never watched Downton Abby. I need to download the first season and try to catch-up!


  3. Great list!

    Your mom looks marvelous!

    Don't just love the cat and dog love affair? We have a couple two. A female cat and a toy poodle... She adores him, and she can't tolerate any cats.

  4. I'm happy that you made a happy list! It's fun, isn't it?

    Your Mom is beautiful!

  5. Great list. I was going to do one as well, but am not likely to get around to it - funny thing how my list would look a lot like your list. My husband and I just started Downton Abbey too and so far (2 episodes into Season 1) I love it.


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