Monday, February 4, 2013

Neutral Spaces on Inspiration Monday

This place really works for me....
the neutrals are all grounded with hits of black here and there.

And I find the overall effect really calming.

Years ago...
the idea that an injection of black would add balance to a neutral space
completely eluded me.

But now I enjoy the effect that simple additions such as this grey-black statue provide when studying a room...

a spot that allows your eye  to settle as you admire the vignette that has been created.

Yet again, more neutrals.
Of course in this case I am drawn in by the bookshelves and the appeal
of a variety of well-placed objects that provide interesting clues as to who actually lives there.

And I love, the mélange of fine antiques found in the image below,
such as the sofa
which has been juxtaposed with more industrial-looking  lights.

It gives this room such a fresh feeling....
and that hit of black once again allows me to settle on various parts of the room....

And yes,  the inclusion of those lovely purple lilacs helps as well.

I think ultimately if I have learned one lesson about neutrals in my own space is that
the rule of black is not just limited to black, it may be red, or yellow....

Something that will take an all neutral space and provide you with a point of reference.
Do you agree?


  1. Beautiful images.

    I love a touch of black, or red, or yellow or turquoise etcetera in a neutral room.

    I have a pretty red rug in my shed just waiting for either my spouse's office or shed when I get to it.

    I like the red persian in your living room combined with the white.

  2. Yes, I agree. I do love a touch of color in a neutral room.

  3. I agree too. I think the eye needs something to 'land' on in an all neutral room. I love the library wall with the ladder. Pam

  4. Every room, neutral or not, needs a bit of black. My all time favourite look is a black and white room!


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