Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bedroom Shuffle

Well this bedroom seems to get way to much attention these days.
But the table leg broke on our lovely old drop-leaf.

This was the very first dining room table that we got as newlyweds, so it does ignite a little tingling place in my heart.

I will try to fix it.
Certainly I can.

Of course, you know what happens when you change a piece in a room, don't you?
The whole room gets a bit of a shuffle.

So, now in this teeny tiny bedroom, the sitting area has shifted to the window side.
The window is being replaced with a larger window in the warmer months which will pull
in even more sunlight and expose the beautiful view out to the back woods.

Funny how a little change can transform a room.
It is almost as if you did not get it quite right that first time.

Maybe you tried too hard, maybe you needed to live with the space for awhile
and maybe the timing was off.

Shuffling always seems to open up new possibilities for me....
Whatever it is, this space feels cozier now.
A little pouf for that chair might just be the cherry on the top!?

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  1. Donna, I love the old drop leaf table and hope you will be able to repair it and use it somewhere else in your home. Removing it made more room for your chair. That white dresser is gorgeous too! Love the curvy brackets. I also love the new drapes and your reading corner which will be wonderful when you get the new window in. Your bedroom is very cozy. Love it!

  2. Very pretty and cozy!!
    I love that dresser as well!!
    I'm sure you will be able to fix or replace the leg.

  3. I believe we must live in spaces before really understanding what to do with them. Sometimes it takes time. I love that white dresser and the drop leaf table is lovely.

  4. Oh my, what a lovely change in this bedroom, it has more personality now, I'm thinking. I love the draperies in there, too. A change is always nice, I think. Your wood ceiling and wall are gorgeous, I think your room is still larger than ours, though. I would love to have a sitting area in ours.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. I too like to live in a space. I'll leave something unpainted or a project unfinished just to study it, and one day a plan just pops into my head.

    I just love the changes you made, and especially love the white dresser and its curves. I also love the colors in the rug.

    Hopefully you will be able to repair your drop leaf table as they are not too common these days.

  6. What a lovely room! Looks great.

  7. Hello there
    just wondering where your blue and white ginger jar came from (I think that's what it is)I've been looking for one for quite a while
    Caroline, Calgary

    1. Hello Caroline, It is a ginger jar and I have had it for so long now that I completely forget where I picked it up. I love blue and white pottery and spotted some this year at Bombay Company. I have bought some pieces on ebay as well. I hope you find one.


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