Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lady Mary Trench Coat Inspiration
Just in case you are like me and anxious to get out your trench coat....
(that is unless you are one of my southern readers and never put the darn thing away)

well, anyway....
here is a little Lady Mary inspiration.

Oh yah, I am lovin' that trench coat
but I know I would not be lovin' the price.

I have my Joe Fresh version that I picked up last year for a bargain twenty dollars .
Just waiting for the temperatures to rise.

And, yes, I am missing Lady Mary a bit too!


  1. I hate to sound really stupid but who is Lady Mary? :) I don't recognize her. Oh, I'm out of it. Yes, I'm anxious to get out my spring coats too but it's too cold this weekend and there's snow on the way for mid-week. Maybe after that??? I hope so.

  2. Fab trench coat. Pamela, Lady Mary is a character on Downton Abbey played by this gorgeous woman. Doesn't she play the aristocrat to perfection with her flawless, porcelain skin? I'm on season 3 so I'm still able to delight in a few more episodes.

    Have a lovely Sunday!



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