Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Pinterest

Let's sail into the week with a little outdoor inspiration...
shall we?

I know there is at least 3 feet of snow covering my back yard,
but hey, let's just consider the possibilities.
Let your mind wander...

I love imagining what I could do in our backyard
the real
and even the.... not so realistic possibilities.

But that is the beauty of Pinterest, right?
You get to dream, imagine and push the limits of the what if's....

And even though it may be ridiculous,
and not at all in fitting with your present yard....

You just never know, there may be one element of this wonderful design that could
be accessible for your own outdoor space....

I know I have mine....

Oh-la-la......if only!


  1. Oh these photos are so pretty. And they are truly inspirational for me because my backyard is such a mess right now. I haven't even trimmed the dead vines from my trellis yet. Where does the time fly? I want to close my eyes and wake up in that last photo haha.
    Hope you had a nice weekend!
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  2. You sure picked some beauties, wow those patios and yard areas are some of the sweetest that I have seen...soon you will have some warm weather and you can create...

  3. It's always fun to dream, I love all of your images, the first and third are gorgeous the last one is divine!!! I would love to have a hedge of Hydrangeas.

  4. I love your outdoor scenes.....!!! Is it crazy? I went to the Garden Centre looking for Easter table inspirations (they have such fun stuff) and came home with a beautiful outdoor wicker planter filled with hydrangea and geraniums.....Its too big to be indoors and some how I convinced myself that by next week I could set it outside by the front door as a welcome vista to all my Easter guests.....the temperature is still freezing in my region - I am old and seasoned enough to know better.....but the lure was just too enticing!

  5. I love the table with the topiaries!

    The porch in the second one looks like mine except with the walls torn off, without the nice outdoor kitchen, with junk everywhere. LOL

    I'm skipping a pool. Been there done that. Installation cost and cost of maintenance. Salt pools are best here and the salt machinery on ours died in five years, and it would of cost about 2000 to replace. Though we could still use it as a regular pool, it then took tons of chlorine because the hot weather breaks it down quickly; it would turn green overnight at least once to every other week. Now I live a minute away from one of my sisters who lives in a gorgeous condo complex with a pool, so when it gets to be 110, I take my daughter there.

  6. I see you have had fun pinning on the weekend. Lovely choices. I love the garden room gazebo with the bed. What a dream that would be. And the blue hydrangea hedge is a definite possibility. :)

  7. If my hydrangeas ever grew like the ones it the last photo, I think I'd pass out! Geez, they're gorgeous!


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