Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quiet Please

Are you tired?
Oh, I am .... really I am.
I am starting to feel as though this is all just moving too fast for me.

The minute I feel comfortable with all the technology surrounding the maintenance of a blog...
they change it up again.

Now, we have to consider Google + which for me seems to have issues with people's email address....

And apparently we are losing Google Reader so advised to join Bloglovin.....
And these days when I post I always get this little bar popping up at the top warning me that  " an error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. ... or in blue asking if I want to....Ignore the problem

WELL.....Of course I do!
I am supposed to be having fun blogging.

Oh and then it appears that my fun little hovering Pinterest button has gone rogue on me...
well, possibly I am missing code somewhere.
It seems that you can pin my post signature ...
Charming!.....  That is said with a Maggie Smith does Downton Abbey punch.

Yes, well I am taking the weekend off to figure this all out.
If that is possible...
or do I need to hand this over for some cleaning up and updating.....
ARE you feeling this? 
Geez...I am envying our cat Felix and dog Jack right now.....  


  1. I agree, too many changes just as you get things figured out it changes, come on give us bloggers a break...I am following you now come visit me in sunny southern california

  2. It IS exhausting - absolutely -
    I sometimes feel like I'm losing control of my blog - like it's controlling me! ( and some days it most definitely does )
    I panic every single time I have to learn something new - AND I'm getting those error messages a lot lately when I'm
    writing up a post.
    Also - often I click on my dashboard and it tells me I'm not following any blogs - and it takes 10 -15 minutes sometimes
    for them to actually download them..........
    What's a blogger to do? LMHO
    I have instructions Donna - on my sidebar - where it says Sharing is Caring - click on that - you'll see a link to fix the no reply blogger problem with Google Plus..........
    It'll happen more than once by the way - 3 times so far for me -

  3. If you think the experienced bloggers or social networkers have a problem then you understand why its takes those of us who are not experienced so long to just figure out how to follow along....... I waded through the google plus (seems you don't have to commit to it as it does have an email issue) ..... went with the boggers....but now my email is being moved to outlook...... I think that Maisie's picture is the way that I feel..... good luck ...but just keep going because the stuff (writing, pictures and links) you put on here is all worth while.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. When your comment shows up in my email box you come through as a no-reply comment so I am unable to write back to you directly. I am not sure if you are aware of this or if this is simply one of these bugs that seem to be in the Google system right now.
      Yep, I have my tongue hanging out just like the pup. :)

  4. I hear you Donna. I've been seeing all these changes too and don't like them, and, I don't have the mind to figure them out either. I may just quit all together. I also get that pink notice when I'm typing a post - for a couple of months now. So frustrating. I don't want google + or bloglovin. I want my old blog style back. Maybe I'm just getting too old for this. Sorry. I'll leave now. I hope you figure it all out on the weekend. I'm going to ignore it for a while longer. Pam

  5. I love your photos and images! They're wonderful and oh my, I don't like change, I have finally mastered what I do know...the older I get the more difficult change is!
    Have a really wonderful weekend and thank you for the birthday wishes.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Sounds like the pink warning is a Blogspot issue for everyone! Most of the post might be saved though, because it seems to save automatically every minute or so. I've closed it and logged back in and have had a line missing or my typos still there.

    I hear you though. I don't like learning another platform. It wastes my time.

    Google+ concerns me. It seems worse than FB, and I don't like FB.

  7. Oh no! I've just got the hang of this blogging business!
    P.S. loved the pics, lol!

  8. Once you figure it out will you let me know!!!
    I keep getting that error message as well.
    I don't know why they don't leave well enough alone......

  9. He he he - I click ignore on that warning, too. I'm good with ignoring things that I don't like. I guess I'll go back to Google+ and fix it whenever it turns me into a no reply blogger.

  10. I do see where I am following you and I do see my comment, maybe it is just some sort of setting, everything looks good here on your wonderful blog...

    1. You are right Phyllis but I cannot respond to your email as I do others. In my email box you show up as a no-reply comment... Apparently I was informed that I do too now. Crazy, eh?

  11. Love, love the photo with the dog in your arms at the vet's office???

  12. Someone informed me that I am now showing up as a no-reply comment blogger.....grrrr.....and another advised that I leave a comment on my own blog and see what happens. So, here goes.....


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