Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Show and.... Tell

I don't remember liking show and tell when I was a young child.
You know...
that day when you were allowed to bring in a prized possession to share with the class?

I am getting red just thinking about it.
I think it was because it back-fired on me when I was in early primary school ...
yep, it was the time that I brought in
a pet chicken.

I somehow convinced my parents to bring a chicken home from my grandparent's farm.
I had big plans for my new pet
but I don't think my mother quite saw eye to eye with me on that one.

I remember walking in to class as proud as could be,
only to be greeted by some horrified stares and bouts of laughter.

Yep, my chicken was not a hit.
Not at all.

So, here I am simply showing you my Easter hydrangeas...
Every year I buy some
every year I plant them outdoors in spring.... hoping they will make it through to the next year.

No, I am not trying to show you Felix
as he is not supposed to be on that table.

And he does know that....
But believe me, Felix has not time for show and tell....

No time at all that boy ....

So, I did the show....
perhaps you can do the tell?

Do you have a favourite Easter flower tradition?
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  1. As soon as I started reading this post I thought, "My show and tell would have been something weird like my pet Woodduck and nobody would like it". Then, you say you brought in a chicken! No wonder I like you! I love your hydrangeas, Felix sunning himself on the table and you!

  2. I think a chicken would be way better than someone's batman or barbie.....

    The dining room looks great. LOVE the table and that cabinet behind with the wine in it. Was that an old post office sorting box....brilliant.

  3. I love your hydrangeas in the urns Donna. They are perfect for your table in your gorgeous dining room. That is so funny about your show and tell chicken. I don't think we had show and tell too much when I was little. I have bought a hydrangea for Easter but usually a nice spring bouquet or tulips. I replanted the hydrangea that year and it didn't bloom until the following summer. It had one bloom and the year after that, none. I dug it up last year and composted it. I think it really needed some sun. Do yours bloom through the summer outdoors?

  4. OMG Donna! This is YOUR HOUSE?? I adore everything about this room - you have the most gorgeous dining room I have ever laid eyes on.

    Fabulous pieces and beautifully put together.


  5. My daughter brought in her pet chicken and she was a hit! Maybe it was just your
    Pretty dining room!

  6. I know the mirror is a gift for someone else, but it looks so beautiful there!

    Your hyydrangeas are beautiful! I think my Grandfather use to add copper to make them grow blue. Unfortunately, they don't grow here.

  7. Hi Donna!
    As a former Quebecer (are we ever former though really?) I enjoyed this post so much. I also bought Hydrangeas each year and Scottish Heather as well, and hoped they would do well in my little garden and each year they went kaput on me!
    Felix I can sympathize with you sweetheart, that table does give the very best view, doesn't it?
    Have a wonderful day Donna, I really loved the story of the little chicken!
    Tina xo

  8. I love these shots of your home, how pretty! And Felix looks so happy with those gorgeous hydrangeas haha. BYW I'm so jealous they came from your own yard. Oh how I wish I could grow them here, but each time I plant them, this Sacramento heat does them in.
    I sure love your chicken story, you should know I would have been competely enchanted if i was in your class! We would've been friends. :)
    Leslie (gwen moss)

  9. Your hydrangeas look absolutely lovely! They are definitely a show & tell hit, with the blogging adults anyway! :)

  10. You have a beautiful dining room and your hydrangeas look amazing in your urns. I love it. Have a great week.

  11. Donna, I love the color of your hydrangeas. I hope they make it when you plant them outside. So I guess you've had good luck with transplanting them every year? How many do you have? This is a great tradition! I don't really have a flower tradition. I just hope that my pansies still look nice because it's almost time to pull them up! Usually I pull them up the first week in April as it's past pansy season here in Alabama and plant my planters for spring, but Easter is too early this year! So it will be after Easter when we plant flowers for spring.

  12. Your dining room is beautiful! All of it! I love the table and chairs and that gorgeous dark cabinet. I am wanting to do my "new" dining room kind of like that thanks so much for the inspiration!
    The hydrangeas are especially pretty, they're my very favourite bush. I have planted two and they're slowly growing. I sure hope this winter's cold and snow hasn't killed them.

  13. Love the darling story of the chicken! I can just imagine the teacher's dismay in trying to decide what to do with the poor thing the rest of the day!! Love your beautiful hydrangeas and your gorgeous table!

  14. Your flowers are so beautiful and sure compliment the wonderful the story, thanks for letting us see your lovely room...

  15. me again, I forgot to mention I love your kitty, looks like the toin to mine, and I am a new follower of yours so I will be back again for a visit and to see the kitty too...

  16. LOL - I LOVED show and tell - couldn't wait for it!!!
    And I LOVE your hydrangeas - they're gorgeous - so beautiful that you have 2 pots of them - look very regal sitting there with Felix!

  17. My Easter flower tradition is usually a combination of tulips and hyacinths but I love your hydrangeas! Hydrangeas remind me of my grandparents. Yours are quite an unusual colour, for Ireland at least. Pink and blue are most common depending on what part of the country you are in. I have both and a cream also which despite what the nay-sayers predicted, and my soil type, has remained cream to date!!

  18. Hi Donna, Your dining room is gorgeous! Thank you for joining the Open House party and check out this weeks to see your feature.

  19. Gorgeous. I love it all, including the sunlight streaming in. And congrats on being featured at the Open House Party. Your dining room looks like something out of a magazine.


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