Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Front & Main - West Elm Blog Shout-Out

It is always fun to see some of the images from your blog get picked up by another blog.

Yesterday, West Elm's Blog, posted two images from my kitchen.

Both images captured shots of their globe pendant lights that hang over our kitchen island.

I am a big fan of West Elm....especially their sales tables.
So, I thought I would re-post some images of the lights along with a few of my West Elm sales finds....
and no this is not a sponsored post.... just a little West Elm inspiration.

The lights are one of my favourite finds from West Elm as they provide a little hit of contemporary in our somewhat country kitchen.

My style is far from contemporary but I like the mix of somewhat modern with country to keep it looking lighter..... sort of a modern country look.

 West Elm Modern Country Lighing

I love to hit West Elm just at the change of seasons to check out their sales table.

anybody that shops with me knows that I rarely buy anything full price and a lot of what I do buy
is often second-hand...
But I do like to scout out some of these chains to see what I can pick up.

These little silver bowls were a really good deal and come in handy for a variety of items, the left one is silver and the other wood with a shiny silver leaf finish.

The bird plates were a clearance deal as well and have provided fun detailing to our subway tile backsplash....

So, not a lot but a few little pieces and hey, we don't even have a West Elm in my part of the world...

oh and if you read the post, well, I am not blogging from the lovely city of Montreal but rather a little village outside of Quebec city...
but just details.

So, that's it ...
My little surprise for Tuesday.

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  1. I do love those light fixtures. They're perfect in your kitchen. How exciting to have a home decor company feature your kitchen to showcase their product! You go girl.

  2. WOW Donna - congratulations!!!
    Your kitchen ( and home ) is so gorgeous ( I sound like a broken record - but it's true, it's true, it's true!!! )
    I'm not a bit surprised they featured you!

  3. :D I've been ove here reading your blog this morning, and I must say that I know where I want to be on Friday nights. LOVE pizza!!!

    Congrats on your feature, wow! How exciting! I'd be over the moon if I were you, but I love your kitchen, so it doesn't surprise me at all.

    You've had lots to celebrate lately! :D Easter, birthdays, features.....

    I hope you have a great rest of the week!!!


  4. How exciting!! Congrats on your feature!!
    Have a fantastic week!! Must check out West Elm...

  5. Lovely! Congratulations!!!

  6. I haven't read the post at West Elm yet, but I will. Congratulations for being noticed by a large company like WE. Your kitchen is a perfect example of Modern Country, I think, and I love your dining room, it's my inspiration for my dining room that is slowly, very slowly taking shape.
    The little bird plates are adorable and look really nice where you have them. And the light globes with the Edison bulbs are perfection!
    Have a wonderful week. Cindy

  7. I didn't realize there were West Elm stores in Canada... Maybe not here out west (Alberta)? I love that light above your table! (do the flies ever get in?)

  8. Wow. I knew it belongs in magazine. I read that regularly, but obviously not the other day! Congratulations.

  9. I am reposting the link, because it was hard to see in the type. I missed it and had to go to the blog. http://blog.westelm.com/2013/04/08/donnas-globe-pendant-lamps-in-the-kitchen/

    1. Thanks Sue. I edited the post and tried to make it stand out better. I probably need to do some editing in general to my default fonts.

  10. That is awesome Donna! What a great place to have your kitchen and blog recognized. I do love those lights in your kitchen! I have never been to a West Elm store. None east of Toronto I guess. Congratulations!

  11. your kitchen is amazing...Donna can I ask how you got the PIN IT button on your pics?

  12. I love your kitchen and your West Elm light looks perfect. No wonder they borrowed your pic. Visiting from Savvy South Style. Have a lovely week!

  13. how cool!
    I love what I see of your home.
    I got to go to Quebec when I was 14...
    sure would love to see it as an adult.

  14. I was going to mention that they had moved your house for you. I actually didn't know that West Elm had a blog so I'm happy to find it. What great shots of your beautiful kitchen they posted.

  15. How exciting Donna! I'm not surprised your photos got picked up, you've got such an "eye" for vignettes. I noticed that the first time I ever came here. I absolutely love your dining room and kitchen, so much prettiness. And the globe adds so much personality.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  16. So gorgeous! I LOVE the mix of contemporary lighting in your kitchen. Would love you to share this at my link party if you get a chance: http://www.findingsilverpennies.com/2013/04/silver-pennies-sundays-link-party-and_14.html

  17. How cool to get featured on West Elm's blog. Congrats.

  18. I'm so in love with your kitchen, I'm not surprised it got featured. Isn't it a little like looking at somebody else's house once it's on a different blog?

  19. Gorgeous light fixtures. Congrats on being featured on West Elm's blog!
    - Lora


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