Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Tad Over-Exposed

Okay, so I have some explaining to do....

I have not been around much and barely taken time to drop by for a visit with any of you...which I plan to rectify on this rainy day....that and a bit of sewing....
but hey, life happens.

And yet after another trip down the coast to my favourite little village in the Charlevoix,
for yet some more lobster and yet some more fun with family around the kitchen table....
well, it has been rather busy.

I know that this image is not a good candidate for one of the Table Top parties out there but
it is good food and the company was great  :) and well....lobster...who can say no to that?!

Perhaps I should submit this photo to a table top party as a reality shot of what goes down most of the time for us.

Sounding cynical?
Sorry, I don't mean to... but the truth is that I want to keep away from the overly fabricated portrayal of life that I see around the blogosphere and keep it more about the reality of
messy tables, dogs on the floor and all that.

I mean I really do love dinner in this lovely old eat-in kitchen with Jack sleeping next to the table and of course.... Rosie trying to escape the noise of laughter coming from the kitchen...
Yes, dear little Rosie likes to find solitude in another part of the house.

 but then put her on the rocks next to the water and she joins the gang for all the laughter and fun...

So this little break has given me great perspective on all that really matters.

I think I just needed a break
but I have now missed  reading my favourite blogs and posting
so I am ready to dive in to a list of my own projects ....
but maybe just a little slower this time.

And perhaps a  tad overexposed!

See you soon


  1. Very well Done, Donna! Life is not inside the computer. And I agree with you real life is real life.
    A bientôt,

  2. I really like this post Marina says, real life is real life. One can tell your dinner was not only great food, but good company. And is is Jack? under the table...I like that too. I also love the view into the room with Books!, shelves and shelves of books; my personal obsession.

  3. Oh I agree with you too Donna. I love that you kept it real and that you enjoyed the most important part of the meal - family, friends and lobster. It sounds like you had a nice break again and are ready to tackle life head on. Have a good weekend and week ahead.

  4. Love the room with all the books!

    I missed your posts.

  5. I LOVE the dog flaked out under the table - how typical! so funny. Mine used to do that all the time. I'm so glad you had a break, it's so necessary.

    Welcome back!

  6. I'm all for real life pics! I go crazy with magazine articles that show the "perfect" kitchens and "perfect" gardens. There are never any messes or weeds. :<) Both dogs are adorable, and I so love dog pictures!

  7. It looks like you were having fun with your family and that is so very important, isn't it. We've had our youngest girl with us for almost two weeks and my husband has slowed down in order to enjoy time with her.
    Lobster, I have only had it once and it wasn't fresh, I would sure love to try some fresh though!


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