Sunday, May 5, 2013

Road Trip PART TWO

Okay, well some of you figured it out....
Yep, we left from our home outside of beautiful Quebec city.
If you have not been here, then you really should make the trip. on  the road.
Oh and if you missed Part can catch up here....
I will give some of you another clue... this is my favourite weekend road trip.

First stop is about 1.5 hours from Quebec city heading northeast...
a lovely little town full of artisan shops and wonderful restaurants and gorgeous countryside.

 One thing you need to understand about Québec is that every small town is usually marked by a very large Catholic church. 
They are massive.
The church ran the province for many years.
I won't go into the historical references associated with that as this is a road trip and I don't want to spark any debates right now.
I am trying to soak up this lovely weather after all.
But I will share with you a painting by one of my favourite local artists from this area.

Painting by Gilles Bedard

Gilles Bedard creates lovely paintings that represents the beautiful architecture of this area
as well as the countryside....
One of his paintings is on my list for our anniversary gift this year.

Given our love for this part of our province it only makes sense.

Every summer this town hosts a large international art festival.
It is also home to a hip ski resort which is owned by one of the founders of Cirque du Soleil.

The ski resort is more than just your average resort as they take on the concept of living well....
they now have a train that leaves Québec city bringing you to the ski resort and to this particular village with a gourmet breakfast on your way up and a gourmet dinner on your return.
A bit pricey
but well isn't always cheap!
Okay is this too easy or too hard?

So, name of the village and name of that body of water?
Do you know?


  1. I wish I could fly out and join so beautiful

  2. I am embarrassed to say this, but I know NOTHING about Quebec! I have been to Montreal and my niece lives there still, but that is about it!
    So I have to say that I do not know where you went or what body of water is in the photo. But I will be waiting to see what your next post reveals!
    Hugs, Cinduy

  3. I have to admit that I do not know this area at all. I know it is very beautiful there along the St. Lawrence River, the Gaspe, the Eastern Townships etc. but I don't know much about the geography or the towns. So, I will wait until your next post I guess when you reveal your mystery town. Beautiful photos Donna.

  4. Well you started in Quebec City (given that the Chateau Frontenac was there) and I'm guessing you are going to Tadoussac as I know you have said you like it there. I have to say, I don't remember it being quite as hilly as you are showing in your photos though. The body of water is the St. Lawrence River which is quite wide east of Quebec City. What an amazing trip it would be to go out skiing by train and have a posh breakfast and dinner on the train. What fun! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip (and hearing where you really went).

  5. Gordon and I got engaged in Tadoussac in 1992! We plan on going back for our 25th anniversary!

  6. Wow. I seriously want to make that trip to the ski resort on the train! I would love that!!!

    I love it when you share your travels and road trips with us!


  7. I knew it was part of the St. Lawrence, but that's it.


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