Saturday, May 4, 2013

Road Trip...

Okay, this time I am taking you all with me....
from start to finish.
2 day trip....short but sweet.

I am not revealing the destination but sit back and enjoy and see if you can figure out our route
and of course our destination.

I will give you clues along the way and you may be required to brush up...or learn...some Canadian geography....
but here goes, the picture above helps divulge our starting point.
This city is home to the Chateau Frontenac.


  1. HEY! That's the same road trip WE are taking today! spending our 20th anniversary weekend there! I will watch out for you. ;)

  2. My father use to live in Sarnia, a bit of drive from there, but I know think I know the city you are talking us to and it's beautiful.

  3. How weird! The speed at which I'm typing and the speed at which my internet service is running, is conflicting.

  4. Old Quebec! I have been there once a long time ago and it is beautiful. I want to return. Show us more pics okay?

  5. I have no idea but I can't wait to see where I'm headed. (the motto of my life? haha) what a fun post.
    Leslie (gwen moss)


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