Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend Blues

.... and Yellows.
It was so crazy cold and rainy here all weekend that it was not hard to convince myself that
this was a good time to make pillows for the living room. 
I wanted something that would brighten up the space for summer while also using up some material that had been taking up space in the closet.

I am not an expert seamstress but I do love the satisfaction that I can get out of making something
as simple as a pillow....or 2.... or 4.

 Everyone seems to like the larger pillows for the "lie down" by the fireplace.
So function does have to take a place over a lot of smaller pillows.
I may need to make some adjustment to the large striped one but I will live with it awhile and see.

 They are so easy to make and I know a lot of people get thrown off by the idea of sewing in a zipper.
Zippers are not really hard but at the same time they are not always necessary.
I simply overlap the material on the back to make an entry for the cushion.

and with the deals on down cushions at Ikea I tend to stick to them for all our pillows around the house.

I am getting ready inside but wish that the weather would cooperate....
We have lit a fire today....

and are staring at the walls where there are many samples like this....
I can never wrap my mind around all the versions of white...
Do you have a favourite version of white on the walls of your home?

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  1. I love the blue with the yellow pillows! So pretty!

    I really hate choosing whites! I am much more comfortable choosing a color than a white with an undertone. It's a little easier to pick a white if you pick up the ombre cards; one can see the white's undertone easier: green, red, blue, yellow, gray, etcetera.

    I have been using Sherwin-Williams Snowbound as the interior white: trim, doors, and ceilings, but it is paired with color. The test will come when I use it on the planked walls of the porch interior and ceiling. I hope I don't freak out! When the white is wrong it drives me crazy. There is so much surface area in there: planks, bricks, and nooks; I hope I get it right. It is a different white than I used on the carport, which was an exterior paint. In my former home the trim was the builder's Navajo white.

  2. My daughter paints, and I have covered empty canvases with a solid color to test.

  3. I love all your cushions Donna. I like the stripes and the large size of them. Envelope pillows are great and easy to use (I don't sew). I hope you can find a white that you like. There are so many whites out there now. I could use a fire on these days too. Chilly and rainy again today.

  4. The cushions look great and I also do the overlap at the back rather than deal with the zips. I have different creams and laughed at the tv last night when a woman was taking forever to get the perfect one, the painter then says to his mate "they are all magnolia anyway!". I think he may have a point. Very warm here in the England today but we have been told that it won't last. What a year! Take care. Chel x

  5. The cushions look like they are ready for summer... If only the weather was ready as well. I'm thinking of paiting the dining-room white, but not as white as the trim... Maybe I'll wait to see what you decide...

  6. White is a tough colour (???) it is impacted by the amount of light and the angle of the sun which enters the room. That said, you have a beautiful home and a wonderful eye for creating...... You will make the walls work with the rest of you decor....(but try a sample on all the walls just to see how the light hits it) .... Love the pillows.

    1. I think I am going to paint much larger patches to figure this out. You are so right about the light and the angle. The patches on the fireplaces are playing out much darker than those same patches elsewhere in our home. Thanks for the boost in confidence. :)

  7. Great looking pillows Donna!! We had sun all weekend for a nice change.

  8. I have two whites that work in this house. Behr's Almond Cream for the bright rooms and then I mixed my own white for the darker rooms. It's the Almond Cream base with a cup of Benjamin Moore's Lenox Tan mixed in. I don't like it in the bright rooms, it's not white enough. But in the darker rooms, it looks fantastic.

    Hope your weather turns around soon!

  9. love the pillows!!! Wish I knew how to sew. It's been raining here to all weekend!!! I just ordered some new pillows on Etsy. Check out my latest post when you get a chance Donna!!!

  10. Your pillow look great! One of my favorite shades of white is Benjamin Moore's Mayonnaise. It is a creamy white. But I think if we ever move I'l paint the entire house Benjamin Moore's Super White. It is a true white. According to the Benjamin Moore website, Super White is: "a brilliant, almost sparkling white, this clean shade suggests clarity and simplicity."

    I definitely would not go with a cool white based on your style.


  11. Your blue and yellow pillows are beautiful, I see you have a green and white striped shade, too. i love the colour combination. Your living room looks very cozy with the fire and the comfy pillows on the white couches.
    I make the envelope backed pillows, I found a whole bag full of zippers at the Value Village, so I may put zippers in the next set that I am planning on making.
    Have a good week!


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