Sunday, June 30, 2013

Outdoor Living

Last year we spent a great deal of time digging up our yard
and strangely enough I am doing the same again this year.

But for a different reason.
Finally it is time to pull it all together.
Last year we had a digger in to rip out rotting support walls which were barely holding up our two leveled yard
and this year I am planting.

And I even got a little gutsy and built myself some raised beds for vegetables.
In the past I have done the odd tomato plant and herbs but this year I decided to go all the way.

Quite pleased with myself I am....

Yes, a variety of herbs, salade, lots of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.
I would like to add more variety but at the same time it might be hard to hold my constant grin if I let
this get out of control.

 Summer is not that long so I have got to be reasonable...
But so far I am just loving the idea of walking out and cutting myself some fresh salade right out of my own garden!

Deer is not a problem in our area.... bear can be a concern but it is usually rabbits and les marmottes that like veggie gardens.
So that is my next area of study.

But in the meantime...
a tad thirsty
and the deck is now finally feeling more inviting.

and it just might give me time to consider this next project that we really need to finish before
the end of the summer....

I am contemplating whether this is a "me" job or a hire-out job.
Have you ever laid a stone terrace on your own?

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!


  1. Happy Canada Day! I think that it sounds like a hard job, but I've never tried it before.

    I would love a stone terrace! But we don't have three quire feet of level space for one!

    As far as Bloglovin' is concerned, you shouldn't have to sign-in to FB.


  2. Forget it...I'm following you via email now. How can we check to see who's following us via email?

  3. It looks fantastic!! Enjoy your veggies :)

    Happy Canada Day!!!

  4. Happy Canada Day! Your yard is looking wonderful & look at that garden!!! Enjoy!

  5. Happy Canada Day! Love how everything is turning out!! Especially that wicker planter.

  6. I am so jealous! I would love to have space for those raised planters. How exciting that it is all coming together so nicely. And your photo of your porch as made me reconsider white chairs on my patio, it looks so fresh.

  7. In my dreams I have raised veggie beds. Love yours! I have you coming in on email now so I won't lose you if they decide to change things again. sigh

  8. And pleased you should be!! Love those raised beds and decking, looks amazing :)

  9. Lookin good! I am so jealous of your veggie garden I decided to let that go this year and I'm kinda regretting it. Enjoy yours it looks wonderful!

  10. That's very pretty, Donna! I love the urn in the middle. I also like your porch. I have not made a terrace by myself. In the past I've designed one, and had someone do the work.

  11. Everything looks so beautiful Donna - love your deck!!!
    I tried to lay a stone patio once - it's wasn't pretty lol

  12. Hi,came across your blog and was amused by your post :)
    Looks like we're doing the same thing...trying to create a garden.Although you seem a little bit more ambiscious than me....I so far only have a coupleof veggies growing....but will try more next year.Trying to plant flowers to,and create my own little paradise.Always nice to find inspiration from other bloggers :)
    Have a lovely summer!
    Tove :)

  13. Donna, your patio and garden are so beautiful....will have to pin some stuff here....Greetings from a WASHINGTONIAN on an ARIZONA hot hot...need I say more? lol

  14. I hope you had a good Canada Day, my plans were ruined due to my hubby's work, but I enjoyed it anyway.
    Your garden looks fabulous, I love it! how nice that you have the space to have a garden. I love your patio, the Adirondack chairs are fabulous!
    Hugs, Cindy


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