Friday, July 26, 2013

Cirque du Soleil Quebec City 2013

For the past 5 summers Cirque du Soleil has been presenting a free show for us here in Quebec city.
And this year is possibly the best.

The production, Les Chemins Invisibles, is being held at the Agora in the Vieux Port.

Entry is free,
the line ups are long
but the show is well worth the wait.
We decided to pay for the reserved seating at 20$ a ticket and highly recommended.
No long line up and....
you sit on a cushioned bar stool.
For weary young travellers the height and the little extra comfort was not a waste of money.

And the view of the upper town,
Chateau Frontenac in the fabulous.

The show is full of stunning acrobats
and the story line is easy to follow.

In the past that had been a complaint by many non-French visitors.
But Wikipedia provides a good basic overview of the story line which allows you to understand the French narration that is taking place.

 The Harbor of Lost Souls, the fifth and final installment of the series; has the employees of an old customs officer have decided to offer him, for his birthday, a most unforgettable night. In this mysterious realm, the jolly schemers awaken a strange world in which the old man will relive some of the pivotal moments of his long life. In a stream of festive tableaux, the liberating power of memories whisks him away on a journey during which he will discover long forgotten parts of his inner self..    Wikipedia

Our young visitors were really impressed.
Their eyes were lit up for the entire show.
There were some moments of concern as various objects dangled over the stage and at times the audience.

But of course that all added to the overall excitement of the show....
As did the polar bear with the blinking eyes.

quebec city free show cirque du soleil
The weather has really gotten cool here all of a sudden,
so if you go, pack a blanket..... just in case.


  1. It cooled off here, too! I've got me jeans on today. Cirque is such a beautiful show, their performers are so graceful. You'd never get me up that high!

  2. It's great that they offer a free show. I'd love to see a performance and should move it up to the top of the bucket list!

  3. It looks amazing in your city.

    Unfortunately, stuff like this freaks me out. They have it in Vegas, but it is a very expensive show! Las Vegas is not too far... 5 hour drive through the empty desert.

  4. It must have been a beautiful show. I also think it is very nice of them to offer a free show.

  5. OH! That does look like fun! How nice that you and your visitors got to see it!

  6. Not sure if your weary young travellers were your own family or visitors. So sorry if I misread.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. The show looks stunning... But I'm wondering if the best part isn't the view of Quebec in the background.


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