Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Painting Frenzy

I am going to make a huge leap here and assume that at least some of you are like me.

You get yourself all set up for painting....
get the paint clothes on, get out the brushes, the roller, the pan, the rags, the drop cloth... plastic of course because the canvas version has moved beyond the floor...right?

And after all that work..
well, you start to look for other surfaces to make all the prep seem worthwhile,
and by other I mean,
other than your initial intended surface.... which in my case was the staircase....

I mean you have gone to all this effort and you have paint sooo...

You let the moment take possession of you and before you know it....a painting frenzy erupts.

Do you remember this wood slat wall that I put in last year with my son?
Well, it got a good covering of BM White Down.
And I am loving the effect.
Crazy how painting wood walls such as this just open up the space.

I know you are wondering about the staircase.
Asking yourself,    did she paint the staircase? (more about that here)
Or did she get totally distracted by the wall?

Well, I decided to get into fall mode
and add in a few hints of the season in the dining room.

White mini pumpkins
and fall mums are all I plan for this room.

I prefer a more minimalist approach.
Nothing else seems to suit me in my home, although I love seeing large abundance elsewhere!

If you look over  to the far right corner you can see a peak of the stairs
and yes they are painted but ....
what a job!!

No warning from any of my painting friends.
probably smirking behind their coffee mugs when they saw that project being posted.

Ha! Well, I am almost done.
The rails are painted out, at least 2 coats later.

Kneeling, bending, reaching, on the floor completely horizontal, on a step stool, on the ladder and
oh please I have some stretching positions that are not yet part of any yoga routine.

And of course,
I should have probably stained the steps first and then painted the risers and the stringer?
should I have painted the risers and the stringer and then stained the steps....

Well, for today, you get to see my wall.
And my minimalist approach to Autumn in the dining room.

As for the stairs .... well they are coming.
And, okay.... here is a glimpse of how they are progressing...

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  1. I love that wood wall painted! It sure makes the room seem bigger. And I can't wait to see the stairs. Love your bowl of pumpkins. I must buy white ones tomorrow. :)

  2. The wood wall looks awesome and your dining room is lovely. The wicker basket, chairs and slipcovers and the topiary add lots of lovely texture and the mini pumpkins are the perfect finishing touch. The stairs sound like a huge project that I am sure you will be happy to be finished with.

  3. Great wall!! This brightens your room as well as making it look larger.

  4. Love the painted wall! I'm painting the trim in my bedroom so I know exactly what you mean... such a long project but in the end, it will be fabulous!!!!!!

  5. The wall looks great! I love that you are only adding the fall elements to your room that you like... I rather see a few things that I love than a hodgepodge of things I'm not so crazy about. Visiting from Mod Vintage Life party.

  6. Oh no to the stairs! I think I would stain first and then paint, because otherwise I might have to do the white again, but I'm not good at taping.

    The wall came out wonderful and that was difficult too! All the cracks make a lot of surface area!

  7. Are you sure we aren't related? I've bought paint for three rooms in my house and I have new porch stairs to paint. What was I thinking! Love your light wood painted white. The dark wood is so much more dramatic, now. I think paint is easier to fix than stain, so I do the walls first and the stairs last. Or, be very, very careful and keep the dog/cat away from it all! LOL

  8. Wowsers, I love the paint on the slats and the wooden wall!!!! I just love white paint. If we ever move, I'm painting my entire house Benjamin Moore's Super White, in eggshell. I'll even paint the woodwork in Super White gloss!!! So pretty, Donna.

    BM White Down looks pretty. I'm going to check it out next time I'm at the store!


  9. Well you have been a busy bee....I love all the changes and the DINING ROOM.....the slip covered chairs, and the awesome baskets.....Eye Candy

  10. I love both the wall, which brightens the space so much, and your minimalist décor for autumn. I can't wait to really see the stairs as it looks so beautiful!

  11. Oh what fabulous simplicity! I think you were so clever to hang that matted picture over the cubbies, very creative.


  12. I've been gone from blogland, so I did not read about the stairs yet, but I will. I love your minimalistic style, you do it very well and your fall decor is a fine example of this.
    Your wood wall looks marvellous! Now I will go look at the stairs post.

  13. Donna you are so funny. I loved hearing about all your new yoga moves...just so you know, I also painted our stair railing and the part beneath the steps whatever they're called, and I seriously think I blocked it out of my memory. It must have been the trauma of it all otherwise I would have warned you when I read your post hahaha. By the way, I love everything you did. That white wood wall is awesome. And I can't wait to see more.


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