Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reading an Image

I recently quibbled about the quality of images taken by my iPhone,
comfortably placing all blame on the phone itself and none on the photographer.

every once in awhile I take one shot with that particular camera that grabs my attention.

Admittedly, it is sheer luck
and picmonkey plays a significant role in the edit process.

But, all that aside,
it forces me to remember that a good image
has much to do with the elements already present in the scene.

I mean, what drew you to documenting, through image, that moment in the first place.
In this case, for me, it was solely mood.

I guess what I am trying to spit out here is that since I purchased my digital SLR camera I have
been feeling so consumed with the right angle, lighting, making sure my flash is off.....
etc. etc.

And yet those times when I don't have my "fancy" camera.... my hesitation to use my phone camera may mean that I  miss the opportunity for an interesting shot.

Now I am not saying that this is necessarily a high quality image
or perhaps all that intriguing for anybody other than myself.

But I find it really interesting.
It just happened,
it is authentic
and he did not know I was taking his picture.... until it was taken of course.

(I am placing the image again so you don't have to scroll up....nice eh?)

This shot was taken in our friends living room,
in their summer home.

The room itself is full of such life that I don't think you could possibly
stage this scene.

It probably does not fit into any images that most people have of "design" and great rooms with decorating appeal
it does for me
simply due to the
depth of character displayed in this room.

To me it says so much about the people that live there.
Who they are, what they love....
How they spend their time, and the life that has been lived and is being lived.

And then it makes you wonder about the person sitting in the chair.
What are they looking at and why?
Is there something that we don't see... that they do?

Do you have an image that you have taken that captures your imagination?




  1. I agree with you 100% Donna. That is a really great photo. And it does speak a lot of things. The person is a reader for one. Since they are sitting in a chair in a darker part of the room I'm thinking they are waiting for someone to join them or, they have a 'communication device' in front of them. :) And yes, I have taken photos that capture my imagination. Great post! And great picture!!

  2. I love it Donna! It reminds me of an earlier time. It's nostalgic and it has soul.

    I am obsessed with home libraries.

  3. I LOVE the image Donna - absolutely LOVE it - Susan's right - it has soul -
    Perfectly imperfect !!!!

  4. It is a beautiful picture. I think the personality of the owner is expressed in so many rich layers through this picture that it gives it a wide appeal. It talks to something deep down in each of us.

  5. Just caught up on your earlier post - about vacation and taking time. Then, I read this post about the soul of a moment. I think that the image ...captured spontaneously and in the moment...... is all about how we spend our time. And you recorded it beautifully. While my mind ponders the elements of the image, my heart is with the photographer and the tranquil, romantic spirit that they envision. The end result is an image of embracing time.

    1. I love your interpretation of an image embracing time! With the high concentration of "selfies" in todays world, it seemed so satisfying to capture a scene rather spontaneously and have it evoke such thought in my own reading and interpretation. I know what the scene meant to me but looking at it in image form made me think what others would see or interpret.

  6. Let's see, what do I love about this post. Everything! You could have passed that photograph off to me as the work of some distinguished photographer. The composition is wonderful and the image thought provoking. Reminding me that it is the artist, not the instrument that creates beauty is very timely. I have been relying on the new camera to do the work for me and haven't been looking for the image that speaks to me. Thank you!

  7. I agree with what Maureen said! Lovely room, and the composition of the photo is fantastic. I haven't taken anything lately that has captured my imagination...I just haven't had the time!

  8. Actually, this picture is probably more inspiring to me than any perfectly tidy living-room picture. I love the wall of books and the stepladder casually waiting to help reach the books on the top. I love that there are real books on the shelves rather than only "vignettes" and I can imagine someone about to pop in the room to play the piano.

    1. Oh the stepladder is such a giveaway isn't it? This is truly a library for readers.


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