Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Pantry Mania

One thing I love about autumn is the return to the indoors.
Oh don't get me wrong I do love the warmth of summer and time spent outdoors
there is something really enticing about this time of year.

I feel a sudden surge of energy and inspiration to take on indoor projects that were merely fleeting ideas during the course of the summer.

And this past Sunday was a good example of that.
I have been wanting to make some changes to the organization of our kitchen for some time now.

You see the problem was with our cupboards that we never replaced 3 years ago when we renovated the kitchen. During the renovation we opened up the wall into a laundry area which was located behind the kitchen. The ultimate goal was to allow more light to flow into the space and to use the laundry area as a much needed pantry-kitchen storage.
Of course my washer and dryer are hidden behind a curtain to keep them out of sight.

Laundry room plans are something I am not discussing around here as of yet....but...they are coming.

Well, that quickly became a bit of a junk drop....
full of odds and ends, travel coffee cups, small little appliances, graters etc.

Basically it became the home for anything that did not seem to have a home.

So, Sunday morning after staring at multiple images on Pinterest and several of my favourite blogs
I put my plan into action....

Down it came.
Getting it out of that space was not easy.
Of course the subway tile had been put in around the cupboard which meant cutting the cupboard in half to remove it and then building shelves that would appear to be original to the space...

So, by Sunday night we had...
basic every day dishes exposed and ready for use on the first shelf and
items that we use from time to time on the other shelves.

Living in a small house you need to be realistic about space.
I swooned over images of beautiful shelves layered with white dishes and nothing else
reality is..
in this house if you don't use it ...well, we have no space to hold on to it.

Of course I do have some sentimental favourites.

Oh I will probably play with how I ultimately want it arranged
but so far I am just loving it.

I even found a way to support all my platters on the shelves....

Initially I was worried that I could only find 12" boards for this project but then I realize that I could add in a dropped section that would provide support for the shelves as well as storage for my platters...

Hey there.
I know you spotted the chipped platter but that is one of my favourites with a beautiful raised paisley design.
It is simply added character in my mind.

Sometimes that bout of "mania" can be quite rewarding at the end of a weekend.
Don't you think?

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  1. I love it too! I like the white shelves that brighten it up and a pantry just has to have lots of pretty china displayed. It looks great. You had a busy weekend!

  2. A bout of mania usually brings about the best results! It looks beautiful, Donna!

  3. I think you did wonderful, and I totally agree: small spaces can't hold things that are not being used. Well done

  4. Fabulous! It does look beautiful!

  5. How pretty!!! I know you will enjoy it so much because you'll use it all the time with yor everyday dishes displayed on it!

  6. PS My next kitchen will have a lot of open shelving!!!

  7. Ooo, love it! Being able to stand those platters and decorative plates up is wonderful. When I opened one of my cupboards up, I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep it looking tidy but with everything so accessible it's no problem at all.

  8. omg you really did work this Sunday...wow...looks wonderful!!!!!

  9. It looks gorgeous, I love it. What a fantastic project. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  10. I simply adore it Donna- just gorgeous !!!

  11. That looks fabulous, Donna! I love the way you have constructed and filled it with the important and less important dishes. Good for you, you are so very creative! It looks beautiful, too!

  12. What a great thing to accomplish on a weekend. It looks fabulous.

  13. So you took down the cupboard and put up shelves instead, correct? I love the open shelves movement - they are so practical and pretty. Your drop at the back of the shelf for platters is brilliant. I'm going to remember that for when and if I build shelves for dishes.

  14. Well done, this looks super! Very clever idea to stand the platters and I wholeheartedly agree, chips are where the characters at!


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