Monday, October 14, 2013

Canadian Thanksgiving

We live in one of those homes where invitations to dinner are not hard to get.
It seems that everyone has someone they would like to see around our dinner table.
We have never had a "closed" list....

When you live "away" from your family... grandparents, sisters, brothers and cousins,
well, you tend to adopt a large number of others in the same circumstance as you.

So the table that normally seats 6 people comfortably can
somehow stretch itself to accommodate up to 12 dinner guests.

It always feels like a bit of a mis-match at larger dinners.
Some of the chair legs don't match in colour and the lengths of the slipcover seats are not all even but hey....that's life.
Around here anyway.

No... buffet style is never suggested.
The idea that we would not get out all the best of what we have and treasure in order to set the table
would be scoffed at rather quickly.

We don't have any special "Thanksgiving" style plates bursting in shades of orange or brown.
Rather simple really.
Just our mix of silver utensils, white cotton tablecloth with oversized and somewhat matching serviettes.

A sprinkling of dried red maple leaves...

And a table waiting for a long bench to complete the picture.

However, before the evening was finished there were some sweet little sherbert orange begonias that replaced the bowl of white pumpkins and some green water glasses that added a hit of colour to the table.

Since my iPhone became the property of somebody else (another rather dull and depressing story which I won't get into on Thanksgiving weekend but....)
and my camera has decided to shut down...well, I am borrowing people's phones to snap photos when I can.
I do have to go easy though as not everything realizes the photo shoot opportunities around here as often as I do.

But, for now, this is it...a glimpse into our Canadian Thanksgiving.
Oh, and I can finally reveal the stairs this week.


  1. Lovely tradition! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Always a pleasure to visit! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I think your dining room is so pretty. I like the simplicity of it! I have more Thanksgiving stuff than anything else because I always host every year. But this year I want it a bit more laid back, I think.

    I can't wait to see your stairs! Sorry about your phone and camera. Bummer!


  4. ohh Donna I will come to any of your Dinners...sounds like you handle it all the same way I do....Happy Thanksgiving to you eat Turkey too???

  5. What a nice table to gather with friends! I hope you'll have your own camera working soon.


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