Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Five Favourite Things About Fall

In my part of the world,
Fall often disappears as quickly as it appears.
September can often copy summer
but in October change happens quickly.

Leaves start to turn into beautiful colours of reds, orange and yellow....
and then before you know it
they are gone.
October is really the only month we can count on for FALL.

Outdoor decorating is always a bit risky but for the most part we do it anyway.
Nasty frost is always threatening to arrive and turn outdoor decorations into mush.

Piles of blankets usually end up next to the door for those wanting to enjoy time on the deck.
These leaves are now gone and the trees are completely bare.
But this was the beginning of Fall.

Oh and a stroll through vieux Québec to admire all the fall decorating that goes on
in front of restaurants and shops has to take place in October.

October is the best time to head over to Cap Tourmente to see the snow geese that make their
stop here every year on their way south.
We pack a lunch and take a long hike with our dog... on leash of course as he is fascinated by the geese.

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And finally October is one of the few months that I can wear just a big bulky sweater.... alone...no coat.


And boots... I love boots but once the snow falls...well, that changes that.

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How about you.... how long does fall last in your part of the world?

I am sharing this as a Happy List over with one of my very favourite bloggers, RJ at .... Art @Home


  1. Love your pictures and I forgot about the Anne of Green Gables quote. Southern Alberta is still alive with color, and we have had some light frost. I love boots and sweaters as well, and a good scarf too! Would love to visit Quebec in october!

  2. Over here in Alberta, we aren't fortunate enough to have maples or oak ;( The poplar trees have long ago lost their leaves and now we sit in the dullness of brown until the snow flies... at least it has been a warm fall though!

  3. Donna, I love the photos! So beautiful. Love that photo of the shop. It's so quaint.

    Your decorations turn to mush because of cold, and our decorations turn to mush due to heat.

    Even though there is no traditional color, since childhood, fall has been my favorite season, because I love preparing for all the holidays.

  4. We have certainly had gorgeous fall weather this October and yes, September was like summer here as well. The colours here are pretty well gone and our own 5 maples are bare but there are other trees still holding on to their leaves. I also am enjoying wearing a big sweater and scarf. That season only lasts about 3 weeks then the jackets come out. I haven't donned the boots yet. It'll be shoes for as long as I can keep my feet dry! Have a great week Donna.

  5. Yup, sweaters and boots most of the time. But the days still get fairly warm here so I'm bare-footy-shoeing it as much as possible. My feet hate to wear shoes let alone socks! And I love all the wonderful soups I've been preparing.

  6. What a gorgeous time of the year....to wear sweaters and walk in boots through the rustling leaves; to smell the sweet fragrance of a wood burning fireplace; and, to feel a real inner sense of warmth for our family and our friends. Raising a toast to you in celebration of this beautiful season.

    1. And right back at you CandoCanda.... fall will linger in your part of the world somewhat longer than in mine....enjoy!

  7. I love fall also! And boy does it look gorgeous in your neck of the woods. I'd never even heard of snow geese, but then again I don't live where something called snow geese would stop ;). Your deck looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book all wrapped in one of your blankets. What a lovely post, thanks for sharing your happy.


  8. Oh, your big bulky sweater you picked, looks so warm an cozy. Very beautiful. Your deck is very inviting! What beauty Quebec has. Fall seems to be shorter here in Iowa this year. Our summer stuck around a lot longer than usual. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. September was like summer here too and now the leaves are only just turning colour and falling. Winter won't start till December, though January and February are usually the coldest months. Now we're having what Britain is commonly known for - a lot of rain !
    Lovely post.

  10. Beautiful! Thanks for the shot of Vieux Quebec - I miss it so much!!!!!!!!!

  11. The leaves are coming down today and a hard frost will hit overnight and take care of the rest of them. It is a short season, sadly, and the one I love the best.

  12. The pictures of the birds are amazing. Fall is very long in Brittany... We rarely have snow and when we have it, usually in January, it's only for a few days.

  13. beautiful pics...I want to to to Quebec now

  14. It sounds like our Fall is pretty much like yours is in Quebec. September was gorgeous and warm and October was still up in the 20's Celsius when I left two weeks ago. But, I got back last Friday late and it was in the range of 0 to 4 deg Celsius and I was freezing!
    I love the bulky sweaters, boots, rustling leaves, and the smell of wood smoke in the air when I go for my walks. I also love the feeling of battening down the hatches, bringing out the warm blankets to wrap up in on a cool evening and the rough feeling of flannel sheets on our bed. There are so many special things, too many to mention. The best feeling for me, I think, is knowing that Christmas is just two months away!
    Very nice post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and responding to your question.

  15. Okay so I'm going to have to copy you and make a top five list! :D I love it. I bet it really is something else to see all the geese headed South for the winter. I wonder if some of them end-up in Alabama (?)

    I absolutely LOVE the Anne of Green Gables quote....so sweet!!!

    Thanks for linking-up, My Dear! You've made me *happy*


  16. Great list. Lucky you to see the snow geese. I've seen them once - in Manitoba, but there were only a few and mostly we had Canada Geese. Your leaves are all gone already? Poor you. Ours are at their peak now and will be gone soon (they are late this year which makes me happy).


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