Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Painted Stairs

We had a discussion yesterday morning in the living room while warming up next to the fire...

the kids were spread out on the sofas and chairs in what they call their turkey-induced coma.
I actually love the day after most holiday meals.
Total relaxation.

This year the discussion centered on procrastination.
Two of them were concerned about their mid-term exams and their study habits.
The rest of us were admitting to projects we had started that we were simply not able to complete.

Interesting discussion when you consider the various ages that were in the room.

According to Wikipedia, procrastination is...

the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time.

The younger participants in our discussion felt it was a common practice by most people,
heck, some even blamed it on genetics.

... papas family all procrastinate so it seems I come by it honestly ....

Meanwhile, I was silently counting all the projects that I had started in the past few months and not yet completed.

But the truth is that when I look at the definition, it all makes sense, why wouldn't I put off the less pleasurable for the more pleasurable, right?

Yet, the real problem is that if I didn't find a way to buckle under and finish off projects that are less appealing, well...
I would rob myself of time spent enjoying the ultimate results.
And in this case, the results are more pleasurable than I had realized.

Oh I know that some of you will see more signs of procrastination in these images.
I certainly know that I do
but for the moment I am enjoying what is already done.

As you may already know, painting is not at the top of my "love to do list"
so this has been a struggle but...

this project has created a whole new sense of "light" in our home.
The treads now match the floor colour and the stringer is painted the same white as the walls.

Oh and thanks to Jill...
I needed that little nudge of yours.

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  1. It all looks pretty! But Canada's weather is so nice in the summer...

  2. I have been procrastinating getting the laundry started. Instead I am enjoying your blog and your home. Its gorgeous and love your photography too. (heehee its me, Beckie's pesky little sister) p.s. happy birthday to your mom too

  3. Donna, I love it! I guess the procrastination finally paid off and you got the job done. I think it looks so much better painted out. Are you happy with it? Yes, we all have jobs that need to be done or finished. Like the backsplash in our 2 year old kitchen renovation! I know what I want but I keep forgetting about it and put it off. One of these days....

  4. I procrastinate A LOT, but I actually thought it meant putting off stuff completely, not just doing the more interesting jobs first (so thanks for the definition). It makes sense to me, so I'm happy to be a procrastinator !
    I think your stairs look great, they really lighten the space and look so good behind the lovely sofa.

  5. Even though I procrastinate about painting on wood, I love this look!

  6. LOVE it Donna - it lightens everything up - is this the BM Dove White color you were telling me about?

  7. What a huge difference the paint makes in your room! I love the white, just love it. :D I know you must be thrilled!


  8. Looks much lighter and brighter. I'd even hang a piece of art on the spindles, centered above the sofa. Looks so much better!!!

  9. Glad my "nudge" moved you to post this photos. I really like it a lot! The white does lighten the whole room and I would never have thought it would make such a difference. The dark treads are perfect. You get a gold star and an A+ for your effort.

    1. Ah thanks Jill!! We all need a good "nudge" once in awhile. Much appreciated.

  10. your stairs look so awesome...I would LOVE to give mine a do-over...it looks fresh and bright

  11. I agree with Butterfly that Canadians are excused for not getting inside jobs done when we have the chance to enjoy summer weather. You did get it done eventually and the results are terrific! What a difference the light paint makes.

  12. I knew it would look great, and I truly love it. It gives the space a new "face"

  13. It changes the romm so much. I love how the sofa looks in front of the white and dark stairs.

  14. I love the white stairs. They blend so seamlessly with the sofa and the walls and make it all look so calm (as I'm sure you are now that you have finished that project). High five!

  15. It does make a huge difference, nice update. I'm a huge procrastinator too...didn't realize I could blame my family for it, I can't wait to tell them. ;)

  16. If the university of Life was giving out degrees I would so receive a Masters in procrastination. Hands DOWN. I can really relate to this post Donna, I been planning on tackling our stairs for what feels like ages, this might be the push I needed :) your stairs look fantastic btw


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