Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Inspiration from Christmas Past

In the past,
pre-blogging days,
I always grabbed my morning coffee and snuggled in amongst stacks of old decorating magazines to peruse all the inspirational images that might inspire my own Christmas decorating.

A few years ago I sat down and chose which decorating magazines I would keep and which I would purge.
Was not an easy task.

I held on to the majority of November and December issues.
They were so rich in colour, traditions, recipes and a host of ideas.
They still are.

Today I still find inspiration in some of my favourite old magazines...
but I also like to scan my favourite blogs for ideas,
as well as browse digital images on my computer to remind myself of
Christmas past and what worked well and what did not work so well.

Unfortunately I bought my DSLR camera this past January so the images from past Christmases are of poor quality.
But, I thought I would share with you a little of the past before I start decorating this weekend.

So, here is a bit of what I really liked from our Christmas past.
Last year I loved this wreath in its first week but quickly realized that the heat from the fireplace was turning the needles brown and potentially....well, potentially a fire risk?

 On the other hand, branches on the door to the main floor bathroom is always a good idea.

 It seems as though branches have been a part of our decorating for a long time.

This photo was taken several years ago, but as you can see lots of fresh cedar boughs for the dining room chandelier.
I have big plans for that chandelier again this year!

Christmas 2011
Chrismtas 2012

And of course outdoors we have been using pine, spruce and cedar to decorate the planters
and urns around our house for the last few years as well. Those planters were built by my dad but they saw their last summer this year so we are now without boxes to decorate off the front deck.

Christmas 2011
This was a year where we did not have snow ....believe me it made decorating outdoors so much easier. This year....we have SNOW.
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Christmas 2012
Christmas 2011

The hanging lanterns were a big hit last year....the candles were so pretty when lit up at night in the windows.

And of course a main theme for us as been centered around our collections of Santas.
These are our favourites as they were carved by my sister. One year the children got to choose
a carved Santa from her Christmas dinner table. They will have them forever. Their names and the year is painted on the back.
 Real treasures.

And finally our pantry skirt which I made to resemble Santa's coat.
It is a heavy red velvet with a drop cloth strip along the base.
It brings a smile to my face during the holidays.

Well, that is most of it.
A bit of a round-up of past Christmas decorating.

So, on to the decorating for this year later in the week.
What do you plan to re-do from your Christmas past?

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  1. oh boy, lots of Eye Candy here....My favorites.....the dining room...I just love your dining room. I think that is how I originally found your blog..... And the little Ikea lanterns in the kitchen window...genius....I noticed you have some white or cream colored slip covers on your dining chairs. Where did you get them and are you happy with them (referring to food stains)? I would love to cover my green dining room chairs in something ivory/cream.....

  2. I love all the greenery in your house, it's so pretty. I also love the outdoor shots, truly Christmassy ! We all wish for snow at Christmas over here, it's always discussed on weather reports, but we rarely get it.
    The carved Santa heads are amazing, does your sister do a lot of carving ?

  3. Love your past Christmas decorating and all the greenery!

  4. You have such a beautiful home! Lovely decor too.

  5. I love your use of natural greens inside and out, Donna. They looks so pretty and fresh. I also love the 3 lanterns over your kitchen sink and the carved Santas on your dining table. Beautiful! This year I did my hutch much the same as the past 3 years but everything else is a bit different. I wanted to change things up a bit this year. It's fun to do that. Enjoy your decorating weekend!

  6. Wow its beautiful and sweet home. My favorite is kitchen, I love your kitchen decoration. Its looking great! granite worktops.

  7. Your Christmas Past photos are lovely. I would love to use fresh cedar and such in our home like you have! But I have taken all of the lower branches that I dare take off of our Spruce tree already in years past. But I have been eyeing the neighbours cedar hedge, I keep asking myself "Would they notice if I just took a few branches off of the bottom? I would only take a few each time..." That's terrible isn't it. I have never seen them out and about to ask even.
    I look forward to seeing what you do this year, it will be nice, I know that!

  8. I'm redoing everything. I am adding an advent wreath this year….probably the only thing new!

    I love how you decorate for Christmas….every European with the fresh greenery! I love how you decorate your kitchen windows. LOVE the wreaths and the lanterns!

    Great post!


  9. It's so beautiful! I love the velvet skirt and the kitchen window.

  10. might just steal....rrr... borrow the lantern idea... beautiful as are the rest of the decorations.... subtle enough to live every day but festive enough to signal a special time of the year. Excellent ideas

    1. Ha! :)
      "Steal" away. As you can see they are IKEA lanterns which adds to the "economical side" of the decor.

  11. So much inspiration. I love what you have done with your chandelier, every year. And I'm in love with your kitchen: the wreaths on the window, the lanterns, the evergreen on your countertop, perfect!

  12. So pretty! I love how the greens add the perfect simple touch. The hanging lanterns are a great idea too and your kitchen cupboards are so lovely. Maybe instead of the greens over the hot fireplace you could do a chalkboard or wall hanging, or that might get to hot as well.

  13. Just pinned the pine in the bucket by the door. Love how simple, yet beautiful, everything is!


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