Friday, December 13, 2013

Images of Christmas

I am missing my dear Canon soooo much....
I can hardly explain.
In its absence I have come to appreciate Instagram which has allowed me a certain level of 
comfort with my old iPhone 3 camera.

So, in the meanwhile, images of Christmas are simply told through
Here is a little update on the decorating around here.

22 years of ornament collecting

Carved Santas by my sister

The most symmetrical tree we have ever had!!

Double White Amaryllis in the living room
Off to complete our Christmas shopping this weekend.
12 more days until the big day!!!!


  1. Very pretty! Your tree's shape is perfect! I love that your ornaments are collected.

  2. Oh, the Santas are my favourite! She is very gifted at carving.

  3. I love your sister's carved Santas. What great keepsakes to pass along to your children. Your tree is beautiful and such a great shape too. When is your camera supposed to be ready for you? I hope before Christmas.

  4. Everything is beautiful, I love the Amaryllis.I pretty much use my iPhone camera only any more. It takes wonderful night photos, much better than my good camera. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Beautiful Christmas décor, Donna! Oh, those carved Santas are amazing!

  6. I love your tree = I think we have very similar tastes - I have one of those same glass ornaments from a local antique shop! My paper whites are just starting to bloom and it is so lovely to see! Everything is looking so cozy at your house - you are looking very ready for Christmas!

  7. Yes those Santas are amazing!! Please don't remind us that there is only 12 days much to do... so little time.

  8. Wow, I love your tree. So pretty! I love how your cottage looks @ Christmas. I stayed up until 3am last night. I'm almost done. YAY!

  9. Your ornaments are so sweet. And did your sister really make those Santas? Amazing. And more're inspiring me to start baking something :)

  10. I am having a terrible time with Christmas shopping this year!! Ugh!! Hard to believe the days are ticking by so fast though! Just putting some finishing touches on the living room and then I think my decorating is done! Have a great week end!

  11. Love your Amaryllis (my paperwhites are nearly flowering) and the gorgeous and very individual tree decorations. I've been collecting mine for years and years as well, though I think I now need a bigger tree like yours, because they are just too overcrowded (I've had a fake tree for years and years also !).


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