Thursday, January 2, 2014


This is it.
My first post of the new year.
I am not sure if you are like me and struggle with "firsts".

I always get tangled up in the notion that my first post
 has to be somewhat profound.... 
or reflective...
definitely intelligent,
and possibly wise.

Ultimately I end up feeling like it is on a crash course towards shallow,
and perhaps trivial?

Last year, it was about pantry control which ultimately came down to dietary restrictions...
the removal of particular foods in my diet.

Last night we went around the table and asked if anyone had made a resolution for the new year.
My son announced that he is not "buying" into the New Year's resolution hype and instead
he plans on making resolutions throughout the year.
His reasoning is that it is a more realistic approach to change. 
Oh the wisdom of youth!
Via MaryAnne Hafen

I have not made any resolutions either...well, not really.
Other than a need or a desire to focus more on "time".
Time spent with family.
Time spent with friends.
Time to do other things than sit at my computer.
Time to be creative.
Time to build memories.
Ultimately it does not seem like a resolution to me.
Resolutions have often felt like they hinged on some element of "taking away"....subtracting something from your life.

And this year
I plan on doing the opposite.
This year 
it is all about
adding in...
adding in time.

Okay, so not so profound... I know 
but hey it is the first post of the year 
and I am off to have lunch with friends.
Time to put some action behind these words.

Bonne Année!


  1. But you are always yourself, Donna, ant that's why we *heart* you! :D

    Happy New Year!!!


  2. I love how you put it, and I could not agree more. Well said

  3. I had to pin that quote, it's great.
    You've definitely made a resolution, because it's a plan and it's something to work on.
    All the best for 2014 Donna x

  4. All the best in 2014 Donna - I hope you find that you always have more than enough time for all the things that matter the most to you!


  5. I think your first post of the New Year was great! Adding instead of taking away sounds profound enough to me. Here's to a happy 2014!

  6. I enjoyed your first post of the year. I don't make resolutions as I am doomed to fail. I do know I need to cut out or back on sweets. I seem to resolve to do that many times in a year too, and seldom do. Ah well. Enjoy your time with your friends. That's a good resolution! Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year Donna! Your idea sounded good to me. I obviously have an issue with resolutions, since I did not write a post yet :) I think it is good to work on improving oneself. "Time" sounds good!

  8. Just like you, I'm afraid of "first things". I like the quote and pinned it. Bonne année to you!

  9. uhhh I do love the wisdom of youth too!!!LOL....Happy New Year Donna!!! Looking forward to your blogposts of 2014

  10. Perhaps the key is to make the resolutions but follow a floating or revolving calendar and not get hung up on January 1st. Just thinkin!

  11. I think it is very profound. I'm struggling with time myself and often losing the battle. It takes away the pleasure of life when you always feel rushed. So, I've started with organization and that should free up some time. Then, I need to prioritize and really get down to what matters most to me. Enjoy your lunch!


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