Friday, January 10, 2014

Beaming Beauties

Well, if you read my previous post , Paint it White Honey then you can certainly imagine what has been catching my eye on Pinterest these days.

Beams, dark stained beams, white beams, natural beams..... 
I LOVE beams.
Lonny Magazine - October 2013

Of course these images are all beautiful in their own right
but I am paying particular attention to the overall feeling that comes from the various treatments, stain, paint, whitewash, combination natural with white.... 

The image above has wood walls with a wood ceiling which is not completely my reality.
I love the "pickled" or "whitewashed" wood on the wall,
it works well with the more rustic beams in the room.

Similar situation above, although the walls appear to have been painted or stained in an opaque white.

Country Living Magazine
What I love in this image from Country Living magazine is the fact that the ceilings seem to mirror the same colour or tone as the floor.
I think by excluding different wood colours in this room you get a more harmonious feeling.

Although....look deep into the image and you see that they played up the floors in the dining room by painting or staining them out in a red.

I love this room above,
again, wood walls, wood ceilings and dark wood floors.
The shiny finish on the wood creates a more polished and slightly modern feeling to the space.
There seems to be a great deal of natural lighting coming into the room which really adds to the overall impact.

White wood seems to to bring in to question whether to stain or paint.
I am starting to convince myself that I can maybe have it all....
perhaps a white stain will allow me to have the best of both worlds?
The little
I am guessing that the above ceilings are fairly low as ours are.
We have a 7 foot high ceiling in the beamed part of the living room.

I think the rough wide pine planks really play nicely off of the white palette is this house.
It gives a great sense of warmth.
I love it.

House and Home Magazine
I find it interesting that in this room they use a lot of colour to ground the space.
Hmmm... perhaps white ceilings would push me to more colour on the ground level?
Never thought about that.
One thing is for sure,
I love the combination of white wood with natural wood.
Perhaps I need to think more about the white-wash effect on the ceilings with the beams left in a more "natural" state.

Certainly the inspiration on Pinterest makes this process a lot more fun.
Does it help in the decision-making process?
Not sure.
Does Pinterest help you decide or does it simply provide you with more questions?


  1. Ooooo. These are some really beautiful photos, Donna. Lots of inspiration there for sure. I like the white wash look and maybe even with the beams being natural or the same stain as the load bearing one. And the addition of more colour in the furnishings like the lime green - Luscious colour. A big decision. :)

  2. I am partial to the white beams,,,and yes, whatever did we do without pinterest!! I am researching coffee station ideas,,cabinets, shelves, and having fun searching around on Pinterest for that. Stay tuned :) and good luck with your decision.....

  3. Pinterest sucks me in and causes me great confusion because I want ALL the looks!!! Great inspiration shots!

  4. Ultimately, Pinterest does help me decide! I agree with Anne that all these looks are pretty, but I think if you study them all, you'll begin to figure out your true preferences.


  5. I don't know if Pinterest helps me decide, but I know that it draws me in and won't let me out, I get lost in there lol !
    I love all your inspiration Donna, and I'm sure you'll make the right decision because you have such great taste.

  6. Just like you, Pinterest both helps me and confuses me. But what I like is letting me get drawn to images without thinking. People try to convince me to do this or that, I sometimes convince me to do this or that because I've seen it everywhere on blogs and then I get an electrochoc when I see a picture that has nothing to do whith what I was convinced to do... The electrochoc is the thing that guides me!

  7. I love wood beams, too, they make a room look so beautiful. The eye has so much to enjoy as it travels upwards.

  8. I'm so glad I stopped here today. I absolutely love these images and actually have a few already pinned. Rustic beams and white washed walls are my idea of decorating heaven. I consider Pinterest a nice, quiet friend who gives me lots of ideas and lets me pretend they're all possible :)

  9. Beautiful inspiration. And that's why I like Pintrest, inspiration to be custom made to your house/project. I believe it will look beautiful either way you go

  10. I'm not a big fan of white beams. I prefer the area between the beams to be white and then have the contrast of the natural wood. It seems to open low ceilings up. Love the pooled drapes in the hall picture. I do that which is a nightmare to clean in a house with 4 cats. It's worth it for the look though.

  11. I can hear your agony over what to do with your ceilings and believe me, I would be doing the same thing as there is no going back when you paint them. That being said, I adore white painted beams and wooden ceilings. I find wooden ones usually look too heavy and oppressive and I feel like something is weighing down on me. I do like lots of the photos you have pinned with the wood beams, but I still love the all white look. I can't wait to see what you do.

  12. No visible beams in our house, but I do love them!!


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