Thursday, January 23, 2014

Warm HOme COld Weather

I usually consider the spring and summer months 
as the best time of the year
to appreciate all aspects of our home...
whether it be 
sitting on the edge of the forest out back gazing at stars
dining on the front deck 
to the sound of chirping frogs from the pond across the road.

But, this winter I am taking a closer look at homes and what they offer their owners
when it is minus 30 
and the wind is blowing 
which makes it feel 
like minus 40.

What type of shelter do you crave when you turn the corner at the end of a long cold day?

Is a room filled with white furniture going to suffice for you
if the fire is roaring and the accessories are oranges and browns?
Or was that a vision you had during a hot day in summer?
 Does -30 feeling -40 make you consider a fireplace in your bedroom?

Or in your diningroom?

Or in your kitchen?

Or do you program lights so that when you turn the corner
your home is welcoming you with the warmth of lighting that shines from within?

What do you do to make your home feel like a cozy retreat in these cold cold days of winter?


  1. I would have to say that lights, candles, pillows & blankets aplenty help me to warm things up around here. A roaring fire in the fireplace, a hot cup of tea or cocoa & something delicious baking in the oven all help too.

  2. this winter has been way too cold even for us. We have a couple of electric fireplaces that we use to help heat up the house, plus it makes it look cozy. We also use blankets on the couch and drink hot tea

  3. I keep soft lights glowing in the rooms downstairs, lots of soups on the go and extra blankets and pillows on the sofa and beds. I snuggle every evening.

  4. I always cautioned my decorating clients about making major colour decisions in the summer. It is such a short season for Canadians. My way of handling extremes of heat or cold is to make sure all draperies are lined. It's such a great way to insulate and stop heat transference through glass.

  5. Lights and candles for me. No fireplace or stove to cast a glow on the hardwood. And I drink lots of tea and wear layers of clothes and try to move around some to get the blood going. lol Lovely photos, especially the first fireplace one. It looks so cozy.

  6. Well, I cannot quite imagine -30. let alone -40. I have a log burner, but it's not working at the moment, I have to get the glass fixed. What I really like, is to have the lights on, especially the outside one, so I nag my brother.
    A two way fireplace in a bedroom with a bathroom on the other side is on my it's-never-going-to-happen wish list !

  7. It's never really cold in Brittany, but lights are long and days short. I like to put tealights in glass holders on the window sill outside, so that I have a little light shining when I watch out of the windows at night.

  8. Great pictures! I like leaving lamps on,that give a soft glow and make the place feel cozy. :)

  9. We've had single digits here in Central Alabama this past week, and are expecting even more next week. We don't know how to stay warm!!! Waaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

  10. Donna, I think I could quite happily have a fireplace in most rooms in this house! Fantastic photos :)

  11. Oh I want that last house!!!
    Beautiful images - I'm putting in a " faux " fireplace in the bedroom - does that count?
    Nah - not really lol


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