Monday, January 27, 2014

Love/Hate Relationship with Pinterest

Okay, so my mother always told me that "hate" is too strong a word
and that I would rarely have an opportunity to use it
so I apologize,
let me re-phrase that.....
Love/EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING Relationship.....

Perhaps it is due to my lack of understanding
as I cannot see much on this topic as I surf the web.

I have recently noticed a lot of my previous posts missing their images.
These were images that I had embedded from Pinterest on my site.

I have tried to be careful about sourcing images and sometimes I will simply go to the source,
save the image to my picture file and copy the link back to the original source.
I am not sure that is a guarantee anymore either.

So, now this is what I get when I want to embed an image from Pinterest.

So, is this the new reality?
What is everyone doing to have such lovely images on their blog and
images that stay in their post without disappearing?


  1. Hopefully, someone has the answer, because I had the same thing happen.

  2. Interesting. It's something I don't do anyway but I wonder if the change is due to 'licensing' and linking the source of the photo to the original owner. I guess there are some lawsuits going on so be careful.

  3. Hey this is news to me. I don't really check my past posts so I don't know if they'e missing photos too. But I basically save photos the way you do, so it's all a big mystery to me.

  4. I've never included a pinterest pin in a post, so I can't help you there. I have had it happen with Youtube videos that won't open after awhile. A copyright statement comes up instead.

  5. I never can embed a picture from Pinterest either. When I need them, I go to the source, copy them to my computer and then add them to the post. Needless to say my inspiration posts takes a lot of time to write!

  6. I've never put a Pinterest picture on my blog, so I can't help much, but if I were to try, I'd do it the way Magali does.
    Sorry, I can't be more help !

  7. I do a weekly post (on Tuesday) where I share my top five favorite things that I pinned from the past week. I'm not sure what embedding is. Typically I save all the pictures to my computer, make a collage and then when I put it on my blog I link back to the original source.

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  8. I've been winging this whole blogging thing from the get go lmho - and am the least technical person I know
    ( I so wish I would have been born a computer geek - but then maybe we wouldn't be creative ? )
    I don't even know how to get the pin it button on the photos lol so you're a computer genius to me

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