Friday, January 17, 2014

Matchy-Matchy Style

Lately, I have been thinking about this idea of matchy-matchy...

Cathy Kincaid Interiors
Since my son moved out of his room and into the basement I find myself yet once again
decorating his old bedroom.
The difference is that this time I am officially turning it into the guest bedroom.

I bought some fabulous fabric on a trip to Toronto last fall.
And, yes, it has been sitting in my closet ever since.
But with an impending visit coming up I figured it time to get moving ahead with my plan.

When I bought the material I suggested to my girlfriend that perhaps I would use the excess material on the headboard.
Her response was.... oh, might be a bit too matchy-matchy.....

Hmmm... I quickly agreed but recently I got to thinking about bedrooms and what makes that space  
feel calm
and inviting.

 Oh, no worries.... I have no intention of wallpapering the room to match the duvet cover.
But, I started scrolling through my Pinterest bedroom collection and recognized all the matchy-matchy going on.


I think that in other spaces in my home I am very aware of my preference for a more curated or collected
approach to decorating.
I like the idea of seeing objects, photos, prints and other items that represent or stem from parts of our lives.

Although I have a fairly white palette going on in certain areas I don't shy away from adding in a variety of colours here and there.

But in the bedroom,
I tend to radiate towards more...
harmonious spaces?

House and Home magazine

I am not suggesting over the top matchy matchy.... but perhaps a toned down version of it...
 in the bedroom anyway.

Oh and I will share this project with you.... trust me.
I have a timeline on this one that is rather tight.... given an impending guest.
The same one that was with me when I bought the material
and she is the same one who warned me against matchy-matchy!

So the race is on to show her that matchy-matchy can work if it is not over powering the space.
That is my idea...right now anyway.


  1. When I first saw the title of your post I immediately thought, "No way!" but, I think you may have swayed me. Whenever I think of matchy-matchy I think of, like an entire bedroom set, and that really isn't for me. However, I really love your inspiration pictures, so I think you should totally go for it!

    Have a great weekend!
    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. We still decorate with match-matchy style here in the South, but that look extends into the adjoining or en suite bathrooms, too, with towels monogrammed in the match-matchy colors. It's a "Southern Thang!" ;P

  3. Omigosh, photo 3 is my fave!!! The bedspread/wallpaper match one would give me nightmares!

    Interesting post!

  4. That's a lot of pressure!!!

    I like them all except number 2! I think the others work, because of the liberal use of white; the white gives a place for the eye to rest.

  5. I really like the third picture with the white bed frame...I like to everything to fit together...have fun!

  6. I love the first photo. It looks so soothing. Wishing you all the best as you do up the guest bedroom and hope your guest loves it! Can't wait to see what you will do.

  7. I am in the Never say Never camp. Styles and trends always come back full circle, so I think it always best to let your instincts vs the trends guide your home. I look forward to seeing your room! Personally I think matchy matchy can work in the right place and the right time. I am especially loving the last photo. That would be great as Aedan's room!

  8. I actually think it'll be easier not to have any "faux pas" with matchy-matchy, because managing to use different fabric is very difficult according to me!

  9. These pics are all pretty cool! I even like the blue/white House Beautiful combo, even though my own home is definitely NOT matchy-matchy! :)

  10. If matchy matchy means any of the above I say go for it -
    I LOVE that pink bedroom - ooohhh how I could plop down on that bed !!!
    What a challenge you have going for you - can't wait to see the end results

  11. matchy done right is actually really nice, but yes, it could be overpowering if done too much. It's nice to pick up the same fabric or color here and there

  12. I like the matchy matchy look and love some of your inspiration. I think it's best in a guest room because you're not in it everyday and in fact when I go to my bff's, I stay in a pink toile room. It's at the end of this post -
    It's very over the top !

  13. Given that I have a dining room that is toile, on toile, on toile, I won't argue with repeated pattern. I don't like matchy matchy in pairs of lamps, but that's about the only restriction I have on it.


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