Monday, February 10, 2014

Layering Effectively for Warmth

One of the techniques that I appreciate most in decorating is
         the effective use of layering.
It also seems to be something that you either have a knack for ...
or not.

In my mind rooms that incorporate effective layering convince me that all the accessories and materials embodied in the design are necessary to the overall functionality of the space....

Layering, when done well,  also seems to eliminate chaos
while contributing to the creation of a space
that can feel calm, interesting and engaging.

Establishing this through favourite collections,
or the introduction of different materials and textures such as wood and copper
contributes to a sense of
warmth and personality.

In the image above, the various layers draw your eye in to study and appreciate the variety of accessories used to enhance the shelves.
Obviously some items are used on a regular basis
while others possibly provide occasional options during parties.

This house is one of my favourite examples of layering and is featured in House Beautiful as what I consider a master class in layering.
To see more, just click here.

Sometimes when layering takes over a house it can feel somewhat contrived.
But layering can be as simple as a small vignette in a guest bedroom....
that provides your visitors with a space that feels warm and inviting through the inclusion of
personal elements that reveal the personality of the host family.

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Or of course it can be much more elaborate and deliberate such as this bedside
work space that incorporates artistic elements amid the more
practical signs of an office.

Layering is a challenge that often paralyzes me but
at the same time I love the results that may come from such a study
as you consider the various elements around your home that represent you and together make an interesting layered landscape either on a shelf, a dresser or a coffee table.

How about you?
Do you like a layered look.... have you consider layers in decorating your own home?
Do any of these appeal to you or
do you see a pretty disguise to clutter and chaos?


  1. My current state of mind has me thinking it looks cluttered. Ask me again come October, I'll bet I've changed my mind again!

  2. I like your home and your style.

    I've considered pushing a desk in front of the bookcase; I can see that working in a small space. I like the kitchen too, but in general, it's a constant battle to edit.

  3. I like the kitchen, especially the shelfes and the living room. All in one room is nice for holidays, I think, but for everyday life I would prefer some nooks and so on. The bedroom might be to cluttered to find rest and peace in there. I have just read the posts about your ktichen - this is really nice!

  4. I'm on the might feed into my desire to hoard things, which is why I'm attempting to de-clutter my 4 1/2...but it does look so cozy and comfy!

  5. I like to layer things, but not over do it so that it looks like my house is a small gift shop! Thanks for sharing with us! Wishing you a warm, winter day!!

  6. I'm all about controlled clutter. Great inspirations, and I really like the last image. I love the built-in bookcase with the art display and desk in front. Great idea!

  7. Lack of storage space in this old house makes a certain degree of layering necessary. I like the look of artwork hung on the bookcases but it would drive me batty having to move them to get at the books behind. I guess my vote is for laying in moderation.

  8. I think layering is an art and a difficult one to master... I'm keeping the second picture as an inspiration!

  9. I love how in the first picture the computer screen "gets lost" in there...

  10. I have no choice but to layer - just have to learn to do it properly lol !!!
    ( doesn't layering come natural to people that live in cold climates? )

  11. Love it all ! You might have noticed that more is more in my house (as opposed to less is more), in fact I think I should do more layering after seeing all this gorgeous inspiration lol !
    The only thing that concerns me is the little bit of mess and a wire hanging out in the bottom of the last photo, I couldn't cope with that !

  12. great inspiration here...I have trouble with layering.....and arranging....I need pics like this to give me ideas!!! xoxoxo


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