Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Musings

I think the sun is one of the most effective ways of lifting your spirits during the month of February.
Well, actually, any month of the year.
I mean when we have sun I really quite enjoy that cold white fluffy stuff that continues to fall in our part of the world.
It changes my whole morale....
right down to breakfast.

You think I am crazy... I know.
But for me, when I wake up to the sun shining through my window
well, I am all about a healthy breakfast.
Plain yogourt, blueberries, bananas and a dribble of maple syrup. ( maple syrup is a must around this house, more on that later)
And then of course a good heavy sprinkling of hemp hearts and I am all set!

My snow marker in the back garden is a clear indication of how much snow we have received.
But even that does not set me back.
The sun shining on my favourite garden carving (carved by my sister) gives way to thoughts of spring and all the plans that I have for outdoor summer living.

I know it is possibly short-lived
and that we risk a healthy does of dark snowy days in our future
but by the end of the day.... after skating on the lake and walking the dog....
I feel like this little gift of sun has lifted me up.

Jack seems to read my relaxed mood too
as he confidently settles in to a spot on the couch.
Of course, I am even ready for him with an already laid out piece of material  to protect my white sofa!
Nope nothing can dampen my spirits on a sunny day in February.

Sitting by the fire in the living room will no doubt
transform into sitting by a campfire in May...
well, June for sure!

How about you? Are your moods affected by weather?


  1. I am ready for some spring days as well...Mind you, in Southern Alberta we have not had too harsh a winter. The wind is blowing strong, and rather forceful today. So I think I will curl up with a good book and enjoy a sunny corner in the house today. My mind is starting to think of outdoor landscaping and sunny, warmer days for sure!!

  2. It is a bit, because I use to live where it was always foggy. I prefer to live where it is sunny and suffer through the summers.

  3. Oh you have to believe it!! Today is bright and sunny and I actually started spring cleaning....

  4. My mood sure is reflected by the weather! I'm enjoying the weather in Calgary as it's spring-like and am feeling pretty good. If I was home after all the snowstorms of the past few days I'd be a bit down and have a bit of cabin fever. Sunlight is my friend. :)

  5. A few days of sun did lift my spirits. I hope it carries me through the snow dump that we are experiencing here now. Looks like tomorrow is going to be another day of hunkering down indoors. Smart girl to have the couch arm covered!

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  7. Yes! I hate clouds, rain, and snow. I always get out during inclement weather unless it's dangerous. I love to stay home on pretty days!

    I try not to paint on overcast days because I jack-up my paintings when I do that.

    Jack is so sweet curled up on the sofa. So cute!

    Breakfast always helps my mood when the weather's bad.

    LOVE this post!


  8. Yes, yes, yes! we had some sunny spells today and it definitely lifetd my mood... until I watched the seather forecast tonight and found out it would rain for the rest of the week!!!
    Jack looks like he can find the comfiest spot in a house!

  9. Yes definitely, the sun always helps, although if I'm working it means our café on the beach will be extremely busy, which is always slightly worrying ! We do need the good weather though, so many people are flooded out (luckily I don't live in a flood zone) and have lost power. I hope for their sakes that the bad weather is over soon.

  10. I am definitely a sun person. I don't think I'd survive long in a rainy, grey, overcast atmosphere. On a rare day without sunshine I have every light in the house burning brightly!

  11. Oh what a happy post. I'm so glad you got some sun and fun time with Jack. What a cutie. And I'm like you when it comes to the sunshine, I find it so motivating. Plain yogurt and fresh fruit is actually my current breakfast these days although I throw in my artificial sweetner which makes me naughty. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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