Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh ....the summer cottage.

We headed up in to the Charlevoix region this past weekend for a quick injection of down time.

The drive is by far one of my favourite parts of the whole trip
as the scenery is gorgeous.

And of course, once you park your car
there are some great opportunities for winter sports
simply a walk through the village to check out the lovely cottages that are waiting
for summer guests to arrive.

Imagine this place above that sits idle all winter.
Possibly not well insulated but if you look beyond the house you can see the view of the coast line that they enjoy.

Red doors are obviously a common choice.
I actually think they are well-suited to these old traditional summer homes.

Of course some of these are year-round residences
but a large majority of them that are perched overlooking the Saint-Lawrence and only used during the summer months.

The architecture is what really appeals to me.
I imagine scenes of families gathering here during the course of the summer,
pulling open the shutters, removing white sheets from the furniture
and letting in the fresh air off the fleuve.

Quite romantic actually.
Then of course I am reminded by a particular someone of all the expenses involved in keeping these
old homes in top living condition.
He also mentions that I have watched a few too many films involving homes in the Hamptons.

And of course, he is probably right.
But hey, imagination is not a bad thing...right?

Oh well, still dreaming of owning my own little summer getaway....
emphasis on LITTLE.


  1. Thanks for taking us with you!! Those estates are beautiful!!

  2. Definitely will be checking those out this summer :)

  3. dreaming is free, as in "no cost". Dream on

  4. wow I love the wonderful snow and the homes are absolutely beautiful, how fun to have that for a little vaca house, can you imagine...thanks for the wonderful pictures, loved them all...

  5. Wow, these are gorgeous summer homes. They must be very expensive to keep up even when not used for 6 months of the year. But, I can imagine the summers in them. Lots of family and friends visiting, playing games, listening to the rain on the roof, picnics, parties, games of croquet and bocce, barbecues and fun times. Yes, it is a nice life and those things can also be enjoyed in a small cottage. So keep on dreaming Donna. ;)

  6. Beautiful homes! I wonder what is behind the red doors! I dream of a small cottage as well!

  7. Wow - they're gorgeous - even in the winter -
    Wonder why they haven't been winterized yet? They seeom so elaborate to just be summer homes, don't they?

  8. Hey there is nothing wrong with a bit of day dreaming! Those houses are lovely and wow what scenery! Canada is looking more and more appealing. Granted, here in Scotland we have not had one flurry of snow, and the coldest it has been is possibly 3 degrees Celsius.. I would welcome the cold IF I could get my hands on one of those babies... moving looks likely to be the agenda of 2014 ;)

  9. Those houses have so much charm... Still somehow, I think it's a pity they are only lived in during the summer. It happens to a lot of houses here on the coast as well... And it's not good for old houses to stay closed all winter+autumn.

  10. It seems a shame that they aren't used in the winter. What a place to spend Christmas!

  11. The houses are gorgeous, they also wouldn't look out of place on the edge of some Norwegian fjord. Us Brits generally buy summer homes in Spain (if we have the money for them) because we're always desperate for the sun. Two families I know have Spanish villas and when I've visited I always do a lot of day dreaming too !

  12. uhhh makes me want to go back to Canada right this second.....It's been too long


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