Sunday, February 9, 2014

Olympic Glory and Olympic Heart

Are you glued to your set?
If you are then maybe you have had a chance to meet these three sisters
from Québec, Canada.
Their enthusiasm and spirit is contagious and inspiring.
Justine and Chloe won gold and silver in the moguls event.
Maxime came in 12th and Audrey Robichaud...another Québec competitor came in 10th.
They certainly all stood out as full-hearted competitors.
As they represented Canada!
Merci les filles!!


  1. They were so charming, and I'm glad they won.

  2. They are as lovely as they are talented. Cheers for them! and cheers for Canada!!

  3. I think that these sisters are pretty awesome to be competing in the same thing at the Olympics and two of them taking the top spots is amazing. I have to admit I haven't been watching much yet. But, I can say Go Canada!! :)

  4. I haven't watch the olympics yet…..I haven't been home to watch the TV much. Cute sisters!

  5. I've watched a bit, but I'm afraid I missed these amazing sisters.
    I did see Jenny Jones get our first ever Olympic medal on snow, it was pretty amazing, although the British commentators got in trouble for being rather over zealous. Apparently they cheered when other competitors fell over !!! not very sporting of them !


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