Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trendy Brass for a Dollar or Two

I am always intrigued by the effect of trends on design
and us
The consequences of something being labelled as the latest must-have plays out quickly on the shelves of popular home stores...
as well as the visuals of magazine spreads
and before you know it some people are switching out their choices to match the new "must have".

Jessica Claire photography (click image to go to source)

The brass or gold faucets in this home are stunning and I would say timeless.
But in the end that relies on your level of attachment.

How committed are you the trend or is it just that the trend reflects your personal preference?

For me, a trend, allows me to have fun in the local thrift shop.

Picking up a few pieces to add to the living room.
Cost: $9.50 (3 brass candle sticks and 1 brass box)

A touch of warm brass in the winter living room
at a low cost.

How about you?
Are you about the trend or do you stay true to your own preferences...
whether they are a trend or not.

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  1. Those are really beautifully shaped candlesticks. I would of picked them up for their shape. I found this strange brass container that I knew my sister would love for five dollars; the shape and the mysterious purpose drew me. She loved it.

    Great question! So no, I don't follow trends. I only collect what I love.

  2. I love old brass - the kind that actually tarnishes. Not fond of the lacquered 80s brass. I still like antiqued brass too. Wow, how many trends we've lived through!

  3. Yes, I do stay with my own preferences but that is partially because I have been given (as wedding gifts) or inherited pieces that are timeless and can be used whenever the fashion dictates. I have some brass candle sticks that were given as a wedding gift and they were 80 years old to start with. I also have some vintage silver ones. It's fun to dig out things that I've had stored when I find the trend showing up in blogs or Pinterest or in magazines but I also don't let trends dictate that I change my decor style. You did will finding the brass candlesticks and dish at a good price. They look lovely with your beautiful blue and white dishes! I love your coffee table. Such a classic style.

  4. Oh goodness brass is back!! I have quite a few pieces in storage. Must get them out. Ass well do my brass lamps count....
    Love how you have them displayed with the blue and white bowls.

  5. I stay true to my own preferences, usually. I kept our brass fixtures, they went out of style (way out of style) and then came back, LOL!

  6. I find it more difficult now than before to stay true to what I believed in, as blogs all seem to go the same way at the same time... But my tiny budget is my anchor and "saves" me so often to go the most travelled road!

  7. Those are lovely brass candle Donna ! Put me in the stay true to my preferences box. As I am currently renovating our house (albeit very slowly) I always find myself asking: to trend or not to trend that is the question? For us we like to make sure we have a really plain and trend proof staples and get some trendy items through our accessories. Just like Magali, it is my strict budget that keeps me prioritising our spending. I always loved your design sense btw :)

    1. Oh I agree, the accessories are my usual approach to trends...once I like of course. I am a fairly simple decorator, in my mind anyway, so I love to add and take away on a fairly regular basis as after awhile it all becomes too much for me. I agree with Magali too....budget, budget, budget.

  8. I seem to balance somewhere in the middle! I like the trends as long as they're not a permanent, costly change that I know I'll eventually get sick of. (Great idea, Donna, to go to the local thrift shop for trendy items.) A lot of it has to do with staying true to my own preferences though. Take for instance my kitchen appliances...I know that stainless is popular, but for myself, I'm just not a stainless girl, no matter how current it is. I do this with fashion, also. I love the trendy stuff, but only a piece or two, not a wardrobe full.

  9. I'd like to say I don't go with trends but I know all the brass I had in the eighties went out the door when the next metal became hot. I hope the brass trend encompasses doorknobs because I still have those and it would be a lot easier and cheaper than replacing them all! Hitting the thrift shops for bargains is my idea of getting the look without the risk.

  10. I'd like to think that I don't follow trends too much but I know that blogs influence me, and I'm worried my house is starting to look like other peoples homes in blogland. I'm especially drawn to lettering and subway art at the moment and want to create things for my bathroom with lettering on. I guess influences have to come from somewhere whether we're aware of it or not.
    The mix of brass and blue and white on your table is very pretty. I have a brass candlestick that is quite ornate with crystals on it and a wall sconce and I don't think I'll ever go off them, because they have that aged appearance I love.

  11. I was going to say I don't follow trends at all - but I'm not convinced I bought this house solely through the influence of blogging lmho - and I think I was insane to do so
    Love your brass goodies ( and actually I used to collect brass like crazy - in the 80's )
    Would love some of those pieces back now !!!

  12. Still unpacking boxes from our last (and I mean that literally!) move...somewhere are brass candlesticks?

  13. "A amizade com Deus e a amizade com os outros é a mesma coisa, não podemos separar uma da outra"
    (Santa Tereza de Ávila)
    Obrigada pela carinhosa visita!
    Tenha um lindo dia !!!
    Beijos Marie.

  14. I don't know if you got my message, hope you're ok, but can I put a picture from this post on my next post please ?


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