Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grocery Store Flowers

Five dollars and ninety-nine cents.....  
these days, 
what can you buy with that?

I treat myself to a café latte from time to time when I am on the road for work
and I rarely get out the door without spending at least $5.00.
And hey, although I savour the taste at the time... the effect is temporary.
That caffeine boost satisfies my need for a hot drink in the morning
and it allows for a certain comfort factor that I seem to associate with a good cup of java.
But that's it...that's all.

So for a similar price I can buy flowers at our local grocery store.
Those flowers have a huge effect on my morale at this time of year.
And it last much longer than the early morning Joe.

I should also let you know that
it is snowing right now....and my spring bulbs are buried under 3 feet of snow.

... investing in some grocery store flowers is helping me to feel a sense of spring
the minute I wake up in the morning.

These hyacinths next to the bed are a welcome sight and the smell is pleasantly intoxicating.
Okay...just looking at these images reminds me of my plan to paint these side tables and finally do something with our bedroom... it always loses out ...

Hmm.... looks like I should also re-consider my bedside "vignette"....
but, I love the mix of flowers, magazines, books, and favourite tea cup
as I roll in and out of bed each day.

And then of course, another pot of hyacinths in the living room...

to continue the effect of spring indoors.

I like to buy them when they are in their early stage,
sprouting and getting ready to bloom.

I also love placing the plastic pot in old pieces such as this antique soup tureen.
I pick up dried moss from the dollar store to hide the pot and create a more finished look.

When it comes to longer lasting blooms I always make a point of picking up hydrangeas
from Costco at this time of the year.

Not the same price point but still a great deal at $19.99 since these will be transplanted to my backyard garden in 6 weeks.... I HOPE.

I move them around the house, usually between the kitchen and the dining room.
I am actually thinking of picking up another pot so I can leave one in both locations.

They give off such a different feeling in each room.
Perhaps a nice pot of the white variety would work even better in the dining room.
And, yes, still need to find a replacement for that chandelier.... that is the problem with taking pictures of your space... you find yourself analyzing and highlighting what you don't like.

And the thing is...they will stay beautiful for quite a long time.
Certainly this will last well into the month of May.

So, there you go, cheap but perky.... yep, I said Perky.
Do you pick up grocery store flowers to brighten up your home?

oh and a little snow update for you southerners who envy ;) our cold, wet and white stuff.

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  1. Donna, I really love your style and decor. You do a beautiful job of decorating your home! I often buy flowers for the house from the grocers. They are so pretty and worth the money for the happiness the give me. A few years ago I bought a hydrangea plant from HD after Easter for $5.00!! I will have to check them out this year and see if there are any left. LOL I love the blue one you chose. It really is gorgeous. I never thought of buying moss at the Dollar Store. Great idea!! Have a great week preceding Easter.

  2. I love the bedside table and the arrangement. All the photos are pretty.

  3. Love this! Off to buy some hyacinth bulbs tomorrow and plan them in my ivory doup tureen!

  4. So pretty. I buy grocery store flowers whenever I can. Hey what is your countertop made out of? Is it stainless or painted? I can't tell from the photo...

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Anne, it is made of stainless steel and we LOVE it. No regrets.

  5. I love flowers indoors. Hope your snow and ice defrost soon, so you can enjoy Spring outdoor

  6. Beautiful blooms!! I have to tell you that i adore your Kitchen!! Love the vintage feel of it!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a heart felt comment. I have seen Blogging change drastically and I was very disheartened by it all but when I took a break and had time to think about it, I realized that everyone should do what they want with their own blog and if all of us who feel the same, quit, then blogging would surely change for the worst!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to visit me!! I am a new follower!! And it is because i love your blog!!


  7. First of all your home is beyond gorgeous Donna - no critical eye needed - every thing looks like sheer perfection to me - and secondly thanks so much for this post - I'm going to pick up some hydrangeas this weekend ! NEVER thought to buy them for the house and then plant them next month!
    And thirdly - it's snowing up there????
    There's no snow left at all in the city - not bragging or anything lol

  8. Not more snow! We have real spring here although it is rainy and windy today. I'm hoping it blows the last of the leaves away. When I was really broke, I would buy a single flower from the grocery store floral shop. A carnation will last a couple of weeks. Some florists will give you roses with broken stems for next to nothing and they are pretty floated in a rose bowl. It all helps lift the spirit in a dreary Canadian winter. Your house is so charming always!

  9. Your flowers are pretty! We had a few late Winter storms here, but over all very light snow fall this Winter. It's been really nice the last week, I have been able to hike, which makes me so happy. Please come share your beautiful home at the Anything Goes linky, party, if you have not already.

  10. Oh I love your pretty flowers. I tend to do faux way too often and need to treat myself to some pretty flowers on occassion. Love your style and such pretty photos. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party that will go live this afternoon at 3 PM. Hope to see you there.

  11. I love your bedside table! Exactly what one need next to the bed. The hydrangea looks perfect and seeing yours in the kitchen makes me want some for mine... I'm so sorry about the snow, though, as here hydrangea are beginning to form their flowers outside!

  12. Well, if it makes you feel any better…..we're supposed to have a frost here tonight! :/

  13. BTW your hydrangea is so pretty!

  14. Oh no, that snow needs to go away! Away! :D

    Your flowers are lovely. I completely understand your need to surround yourself with them this time of year. I never in a million years imagined having hydrangeas indoors before transferring them outdoors. I love that idea, Donna!

  15. Your house is beautiful, the flowers just add to it.

  16. Oh my, when will winter leave you alone? I had to slap myself because we complained how cold it was yesterday - 64 degrees and drove inland to a winery to escape the fog.

    Your flowers are lovely and your home looks lived in and loved.

    I don't know if you have Trader Joe's in Quebec, but I buy flowers there weekly. A hydrangea plant is only about $7.99 and like you I then I can plant it in the yard.

    The 99 Cent Store is great for plants. I have 6 little mums in bucket on the dining room table.

    And then, I have bouquets of garden fresh flowers in several rooms. I love the look of fresh flowers

  17. Sorry, the weather has been like summer here and because of the Easter break the café has been extremely busy and very tiring.
    I love your bedside vignette because it's not too staged and it's the kind of layering I love. Every aspect of your house is beautiful as always (when I makeover my kitchen I need to make it look more like yours !) and though I don't buy flowers very often you've inspired me once again to find some indoor bulbs !


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