Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Friday

Can I just say.... it's FRIDAY
After being on the road for Easter to visit family
and then
on the road for work....
Well, I am happy
to be home to welcome in the weekend.

Oh, and if that is not enough.
The snow has done some serious melting,
there is some green popping up in patches around my yard
and signs of life is evident everywhere I look.

I mean really, this is just so much to take in
after such a hard long winter
that I have to join Pharrell Williams in a little happy dance.

I hope you are inspired by this song as much as I am.
We have been doing some serious kitchen dancing with this tune.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!


  1. Have never seen the video....but it is one of those songs that truly expresses the first joys of spring.
    Thanks for sharing..... I am sure I will be bopping and humming this tune
    for at least the rest of the weekend.... TGIF!!!!!

  2. So glad it's Friday as well! And there some dancing going on here as well while listening to the song!

  3. I have heard of this song lately but haven't 'heard' it until now. :) Have a happy weekend, Donna!

  4. Thanks for showing the video, I love the song but had never actually seen it. I'm glad the snow is finally melting for you and that there is a spring in your step as well as in the air.

  5. Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish every weekend was 4 days long.


  6. I'm so glad green is starting to show in your garden, because it really is the best feeling. Happy Spring!

  7. Hello Donna:

    With friends from Germany staying with us, we are running a little late as it is now Saturday!!

    And how wonderful that you are, finally, having glimpses of the green of spring.

    Kellemes hétvéget!

  8. Happy weekend Donna! Yes it has finally all melted here. Now the rains come. Before we know it we will be complaining about the

  9. I challenge anyone not to be happy listening to that one! Hope you have a restful weekend!

  10. I'm totally obsessed with that song - and just played it on you tube before coming here -
    John is sooooo sick of hearing it it's not funny lol
    Happy Saturday Donna


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