Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Timeless Designs in the Living Room

Before Pinterest came about,
I was an avid collector of magazines and clippings.

I would cut out and set aside inspiration images from some of my favourite magazines.
You know...
just in case a possible renovation was glimmering in my future.

I then stuffed them into files and loosely associated them with room categories or themes such as Christmas.
Sounds incredibly organized...doesn't it?
Well, it wasn't really.
Stuffed is the operative word.

Recently in a panic to find a document... I stumbled across those design files.
They were stuffed alright.... bursting and disassembled.

But before tossing them into my recycling bin, I took a few minutes to quickly peruse my stash
I found myself setting aside ones that I was not quite ready to part with.

So, I am going to share a few of the rescued clippings with you over the course of the next month.
Below are some of the living room shots...
just a few that still strike a chord with me.

Perhaps if you are a magazine junkie like I was then you might just recognize some of these.

This one above and below is from House and Home magazine dating back to 2006.
The home faces a lake in Ontario's lake district and the designer-owner created such an interesting, warm and inviting space that I think it still works today.

That is the beauty of great design.
Spend your money well the first time around
 and years later you still have a great footprint
that may only require "window dressing".

I always loved the fresh feeling of this room that was in a Country Living spread in 2002.
The idea of the white couches facing each other in front of a fireplace was always inspirational to me
and of course I copied it.  Well, sort of.

It is tiny but we love far.... more to finish but almost there.

The clipping below speaks to my attraction
 to large pieces of art...
especially when they involve portraits painted on large canvas.

It gives the room such depth and character. I could easily sit in this chair 
and listen to music or read. 

The vignette on the table is still tasteful and well though out.
A blend of photography, books and pottery pieces that all work in harmony to add a nice personal touch.

 And finally, although not a living room 
this sitting room off of a kitchen still feels fresh after all these years.
This was featured in House and Home magazine in 2002 (I believe).

I love the crisp, fresh quality of the space. 
the door leading out to a patio,
the lovely airy white curtains 
and the overall black and white theme that is going on.

Oh there are many more that made it in to a new file...
not quite stuffed but still healthy in numbers.

Sound familiar?


  1. I'm trying this again. I love the first one. I thought it was your living room at first! I also love the last one. I like white grounded with something darker.

    1. Ha!! I wish it was our living room! ;)
      I agree with you though, I love a light and dark combo, either whites and creams with black or whites and creams with dark browns.

  2. I love the last one very much, though all are very inspiring... I use to keep a few magazines (I never bought many) in a basket... And finally decided to sell them last winter for a charity. But before I did, I spent the night going through all teh pages again!

    1. Sounds like me Magali. I was sitting on the floor with magazine clippings spread out around me as I selected the ones that still spoke to me.

  3. Yes it does sound familiar. I used to cut and paste photos from my favourite magazines into large coiled books and still have them. I can see some of your own decor has come from these inspiration photos. I guess this was an early form of Pinterest eh? :)

  4. I used to have so much trouble getting rid of magazines! Nowadays I get them through Zinio so I can keep as many as I please without taking up space! Woot! Although my fave thing to do is leaf through a paper copy... oh well.


  5. oh whatever did we have to do before Pinterest.....we are so spoiled now!!!!!

  6. Hello Donna,

    Well, we have only a vague idea what Pinterest is.........bear in mind before you decide that we are complete Dinosaurs......that we have not owned a television for thirty years either!

    So, magazine clippings are definitely more in our realm although we have never taken the scissors to our vast and still growing collection of 'World of Interiors'. It is so interesting given the date of many of your selections that they remain perfectly suited to 2014. We are particularly drawn to the image of the portrait hanging over the table next to the armchair. Thus all looks so very English Country House to us and is a style we are much taken with. Just add a few dog/cat hairs about and some distressed paintwork and we are in design heaven.

    We have so enjoyed our visit to your blog. We came via the delightful Connie. And we are now followers.

    Happy Easter!

  7. I still hoard, I mean, keep magazine clippings. I actually have it on my To Do list to get rid of most of it, especially the recipes I'll never cook. I should probably scan some of the images and put them on Pinterest, but I know in the end I'll keep some of my favorites.

    I love the featured rooms, especially the last one...the sunroom is so pretty!


  8. Because of my work I had all the major design magazines and a filing cabinet full of tear outs. It was a real wrench letting it all go this year. It was interesting to look through them and see rooms that I take as my own design and see where I was influenced toward it, sometimes a decade before. The rooms you have saved are classic designs and will look great in another 10 yrs!

  9. Donna we have such similar tastes. I honestly felt the same way gazing over these shots. That first home is stunning not only for the obvious scale of the home and windows but I love that floor plan and that dramatic dark fireplace wall. Interesting that I don't see that much. White also makes my heart patter and I have a white denim couch that desperately needs to be recovered but I agree. White couches are such fresh, blank slates for a room. There's so much you can do with them. Now if only we could get a house to decorate again hahaha we just lost out on another home that had five offers. And a cash offer that the buyer picked. Life is definitely interesting these days. Hope things are well with you and your family.

  10. I used to clip magazines as well!! Love the white couches in the pictures

  11. I have hundreds of clippings too, from the days before blogging and Pinterest. Some are neatly clipped and filed but loads are yet to be sorted and I still have some magazines that I need to go through and maybe throw out.
    I can definitely see how your living room has been inspired by the gorgeous photos above.
    Happy Easter x

  12. pretty nice blog, following :)


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