Monday, May 26, 2014

Ice Cream Sundae Chairs

Am I crazy?
When you see these chairs, do you think of ice cream sundaes?

They have a metal back and a wooden seat
but the seat is slightly sculpted which allows it to be somewhat more comfortable.

And they remind me of a day when I was quite young
and we would go to Pott's Dairy for milkshakes
and ice cream sundaes.

And sometimes I was given a 50 cent allowance and allowed to walk there with a friend.

We would undoubtedly choose the stools at the counter
that were bolted to the floor.
The design of the stool permitted us to spin around in circles
as we waited impatiently for our dairy delights.
My friend always asked for a root beer float.
I was a bit more fickle with my decisions,
sometimes it was a hot fudge sundae type of day and on other occasions
it was a thick milkshake that caught my attention.

 I am not even sure that they had chairs like this at Pott's Dairy
but that is what I think of when I see these.

I pulled these out of a friend's junk pile
and brought them home knowing they belong here....

I have 2 more, 
they will probably be "extra" chairs for the back garden terrace.
But for now when I look at them I get a little glimmer of another time.
So I am calling them my Ice Cream Sundae Chairs.



  1. I see a ram's head ( in the best way possible :) and if I look at them long enough I start to see an elephant's head ( think I'm traumatized by wild life? ) Look at them again - tell me if you see them LOL
    LOVE them !
    Ok Donna - I'm going to reply to you here because you're still a no reply blogger - no I didn't shellac the chairs - just spray paint !

    1. What is up with that??? No-reply blogger. I will check that out.

  2. I've never see that shape of chair but I love them too. Old, metal and free, how can you go wrong !

  3. I love that you rescued those fantastic chairs! I definitely get the ice cream sundae reference, too....with a striped cushion perhaps?

  4. You got 4 of those chairs for free? Wow! I was a chocolate sundae girl, myself. The 'no reply' blogger thing is an annoyance that comes along with being on Google+. I have to go in and fix mine every couple of months.

  5. Gosh wish I could find chairs like that in a friends junk pile! They are fantastic and I love how you have it displayed.

  6. The fact that these chairs bring back fun childhood memories means that they need to be with you! And yes, I totally see the ice cream sundae aspect of them :-)


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