Friday, May 2, 2014


Okay, no, it is not spring-like conditions here...
well, not really.
I am giggly,
is that a word?

Finally, I can see the ground, and there are sprouts everywhere.
The rhubarb plant that I was given last year
is pushing its way up to the surface.

Oh, how I LoVE rhubarb.

All of a sudden I see the possibilities
for the backyard.
I even got on the phone and inquired as to when "my guy" can bring my backyard terrace dream to a reality.

I have perused Pinterest to the point that I think I might have seen it all.
Well, I mean ....
all of those images that  have to do with backyard projects such as mine.

I know what I need to build.
And these box planters are at the top of my to-do list.

I saw a "how-to" on somebody's blog last summer..... and now if I could only find it.
OH and I remember seeing a great DIY for an outdoor table as well..
hmmmm.... back to Pinterest I go.

Enjoy the weekend....
I hope you have some great plans for projects that see you outdoors or at least planning your outdoors.

To all my southern blogger friends....KEEP SAFE.


  1. I love your inspirations! You should be giddy! xoxo

  2. Such an exciting project! I'm off to check your Pinterest inspiration for when I redo the patio in 2026!

  3. Oh to be giggly!! Feeling crappy today... I'm allergic to mold and it's all around me. I have some planters like that . Thanks for reminding me that soon this weather will soon change and that we will be bringing out all the patio furnishings.
    Yes everyone keep safe!!

  4. I'm gonna be in the garden all weekend as well. Planting and building a paradise, well that's the plan anyway.

    Jean x

  5. ohhh someone else has seen it all on thrilled to think I'm not the only crazy one....Luv the inspiration picture! Gorgeous

  6. Yes, I can relate as I go through this process this time every year. Hope you realise your dreamy backyard, looking forward to following your progress.

  7. It's exciting that you are getting closer to having your yard terraced. I can't wait to see what you do. Don't forget to take before photos to share. :) I really like the box planter in the photo. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. Giggly is definitely a word and I totally understand you feeling that way. I have been 'playing' in the garden, trying to tidy things up a bit and planting some pansies, but the best thing is seeing things sprouting, growing and flowering.
    I love your inspiration photo with the mix of different planters, I hope you find that 'how to' on the box planter and manage to book that guy in to terrace your garden !


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