Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Before and After Updates

Finally the weather has started to cooperate
and agree to its terms of engagement.

June is supposed to mean sunshine  and  rapid growth of plants  and  foliage
and all things wonderful....right??

For me June plays the role of prep time for the big "partay" which in our case is July and August.

Last year we invested more time and money into the back garden area.
We had these horrible stairs that I never let anyone use
and now, we have a staircase that matches the front.... nice and wide.

It takes you right down to the back garden
which is still a work in progress but I am loving the process and not feeling any rush to have it all finished "overnight".

Oh how I love a good before and after photo.
Almost hard to look at the first one but we are happily now living with the after effect.

We picked up the cement pavers on the side of the road and they were a good temporary fix for one summer but I am so happy to now have these stairs that lead right down to the back door.

Jack seems to love them too!

We also added a roof over the back door which extends right across to the small balcony.

The shrubs are still not filled out yet and I have a lot of work before showing any garden photos but it is a work in progress
and one that I consider as a great source of relaxation right now.

More to come..... :)


  1. It looks very pretty! I love the horizontal slats to hide the bases. Beautiful!

  2. I think it's coming along wonderfully! I love the new stairs.

  3. Looking beautiful Donna - that ground color is just gorgeous !!!

  4. beautiful stairs Donna, and I see the Jack approves! I want to take his face in my hands and smoochhhh him!!!

  5. Donna, I love all the work you have done! It really looks amazing and is so much safer I'm sure. What a beautiful difference it's all made. We've been doing a lot here too, well, mostly the gardening type of thing. The deck is coming along. It's a BIG project!! Have a great day. Pam

  6. love what you did with the outdoors. Well done, and now you can safely use the new and improved stairs

  7. Just beautiful. What a difference the new stairs/steps make. Your flowers and candles are lovely too. xxo

  8. You gave me a bit of nostalgia with this post. My parents built the same kind of staircase at our house just outside Sudbury. It led to the front door and all the way down to the lake. We loved it. The kind of work you are doing takes time and is all the better for the wait!
    ps - That dog is massive!

  9. I love your cottage. The garden is looking so pretty, Donna! Y'all should be thrilled. I like the width of your stairs. Do y'all enter upstairs or down most often? We always enter through our basement.

  10. I love great before and after shots too, so thanks for showing us.
    I also love your wider stairs, and the combination of wood, plant pots, gravel, rocks and shrubs, it all looks so attractive.
    You've made such an amazing difference already so I'm sure whatever else you do will be great.

  11. The new stairs are really nice, Donna! I like the way they wrap around the corner. Everything is so green!

  12. OMG it has turned out sooo nice. Love the stairs. Like you say, with the easier access, the back part of your yard will now evolve... ABSOLUTELY loving it.

  13. Love Love LOVE it all!! what a great improvement to your yard and landscape! It looks like you have a beautiful yard. I really like the little roof over the back door too!

  14. Quite the transformation!! The new stairs are just what this cute home needed. Yes it was a long hard winter but spring is catching up. Beautiful!!

  15. What a difference those stair make, they are really fantastic! Opens the whole space doesn't it?


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