Friday, June 20, 2014

Garden Perspective

Just dropping in to give you a garden perspective.
It has been a busy month so far with parties and visitors

I do promise to get around for a visit real soon.
I wanted to share with you our latest addition to the garden.
It is a work in progress.... needs to be painted.
I think I might stain the bottom part brown.

The wood for the table was part of an old staircase that was not being used.
I need a few more dumps of pea gravel to be satisfied with the hard surface that I have chosen for this area.

But so far if the weather cooperates
we are hoping to enjoy some nice garden dinners out in this part of the yard.

Here's hoping......


  1. It is really coming together nicely.... love the ice cream chairs with the table.... and the bench is totally awesome.....But where are the wine glasses???? Al fresco dining. I love it! Crossing my fingers for the weather.

  2. Your backyard is enchanting and I loooove the long wood table. I think I would just leave it as is and let it weather into a rustic driftwood. Enjoy.

  3. the area is very nice and cozy. I am sure you will have many dinners out there

  4. Looks like a great space for entertaining & relaxing! It's coming along beautifully, Donna.

  5. Why does it take WAY more stone than we think it will to cover an area? I'm still terracing the hill down from my patio and I think I will be hauling stone forever! It looks like a great area to entertain all your summer visitors.

  6. VERY pretty, Donna. We're presently designing our backyard because it's such a mess, and we found a pea gravel product that isn't round…it's put through a grinder, so it actually "compacts" and gets really, really hard, almost like a paved surface. Have you seen it? MUCH easier to walk on….

  7. I love this table and it's exactly what I'd like to have for our new deck. It looks wonderful sitting there on the pea gravel. Very European. :) We enjoyed lunch and supper on our new deck today. It's almost finished. Have a great day. Pam

  8. soooo pretty!!!! love the table and the lantern too!!! looks like you have a big property too!!!! HUGS from WA

  9. This is truly gorgeous Donna - WOW.
    Now tell me are you being eaten alive with mosquitoes yet? Because I am. Badly.
    Marigolds everywhere - citrus candles - coils - and they still attack me !

  10. Oh what a lovely place to eat and gather.
    I love your backdrop. Just beautiful.

  11. I love being able to entertain have a beautiful table area and so cool that you repurposed the boards. Love it!

  12. What a lovely space to entertain, and I love the massive table, I think it would practically fill my whole garden !
    I'm wondering if you've managed to balance your spiritual energy, because all joking aside, your garden looks beautifully tranquil and serene.

  13. testing my own + is messing with my site.

  14. That's a beautiful table and a wonderful space! I love how people in Quebec are so into their outdoor spaces and they make them really lovely.. I've just moved here recently and fell in love with the city and just started a blog too, check it out when you have a second: x


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