Monday, August 25, 2014

Project Realities

As the summer months
slowly fade into the background I suddenly realize
that there is a list of projects
lingering in my very near future.

The list has always been there but 
some are more pressing
and others are merely "wanna-do-this" type affairs.

My partner has retired from teaching to take on writing full time.
That means that when I am working from home there will be two of us
working from home.
That could be a problem.

I am the type of individual that can take over the "entire" space quite easily.
I may work in the dining room in the morning
and the living room in the afternoon
and plant myself at the kitchen island in between.
So, the new rule around the house is
main floor is neutral...... 
work-free zone for everyone to enjoy.

So first up on the list is my office situation.
Once upon a time I had an office in the basement which then got taken over by my son who desperately wanted to move his bedroom down there.
I never really made the adjustment to a new office space as there was no pressing need to do so
at the time.

I have considered possibilities of what to do and it basically comes down to his old bedroom
becoming my office slash guest bedroom.

I am hoping to create a blend of office and bedroom
that provides both the visitor and myself a sense of purpose.
Calm and inviting for our guests
inspiring and engaging enough for me to want to go there.

Hmmmmm..... I hear ya.

I like the idea of some touch of drama such as
the effect of the drum shades in the image above.

I also want to blend the necessity of a bookshelf in with some artwork that gives the space
a sense of style.


I am on the hunt for a table that I can transform into a desk.
Drawers are completely unnecessary for me.... I tend to stuff them and leave them.

I know that I will have to steer away from too much "stuff"
as the bedroom side of the room will quickly feel taken over by the office side of the affair.

And I think I will go with the plan of one end office and the other end sleeping quarters.

I sort of know how this all works,
been there before.
I have learned that I cannot deal with the office-in-the-closet scenario,
and that I also don't deal well with a lot of "stuff" on the table,

I also know
that I really do need a sense of solitude in my work environment
plus a hit of drama for pull appeal.

Hmmm.... sounds like I am already at odds in my thinking
but we will see.
Yep, the clock is ticking on this project.
I started back to work.....


  1. It sounds like a fun, but necessary project! xoxo

  2. I love the desk/wall combination in the "domaine at home.".... except I love looking out the window while I work.... but maybe that is not really working.... sounds like a fun project.

    1. The window is a must for me. I will be facing the window with wall space on either side which will make it a bit more interesting for decorating purposes.

  3. Oh boy! Sounds like a great project to undertake!

  4. Can't wait to see the table you pick out. I'm looking for one myself!

  5. Oh this will be a great project to take on. I like each of the ideas suggested in the pictures so I guess you can take a bit of something from each one perhaps. I hope you share with us. And I hope your 'back to work' week is great!

  6. I so look forward to the results! Love all your ideas about this.

  7. Oh, it's going to be so interesting to follow the transformation... I'm planning on changing the guest room some day and I hope to be able to make it a guest bedroom/ home office once I have opened a window on the South... So I'll steal all your ideas then!


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