Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Ramblings

Well, I would like to have a pic up front here of my new office
it is still a work in progress.

All of a sudden I realized that I have the other end as well to consider...
sleeping quarters....
and I will admit
that got me quite excited,
yet distracted at the same time.

Of course outside changes are happening
faster than inside
but who would ever consider competing with Mother Nature....
not me, of course.

I am quite happy to let her guide me into the new season
which of course means some fall clothing purchases.
I picked up this coat from one of my favourite on-line stores. (click above to go to link)

I had to find a new pair of fall boots to go with it....
since a particular young lady has taken over my other boots. :)

These were a real deal from Winners.
I may find myself going back to pick up a pair of Frye boots that have been on my wish list for some time now.

And as far as the sleeping end of the office room...
well, I found this on kijiji and I plan to experiment over the weekend with the possibility of
covering it with batting and material...
hmmm.... ideas are flowing on this one.

So, that's it...

I love this time of year.
Creating piles of clothing to donate to Village des Valeurs...
organizing my closet,
working on the office and guest room
and walking the dog.

La vie est belle!!
How about you,
Is fall happening or are you still in the heat of summer?


  1. It's so chilly here I'm ready to wear fall clothes! Love your new coat!!! and I can't wait to see what you do with that bed frame.


  2. It's definitely a fall feel in the air today! Brrrr. I love your vignette with the coloured maple leaves in the vase. I too have been cleaning and sorting and purging. Took a load to Bibles for Missions yesterday. Making room for the new. haha. Love the boots and coat you've chosen for the season. They are really nice. The bed frame has lots of possibilities. Paint? Enjoy.

  3. Fall is definitely happening here in Winnipeg. It has been so chilly and we were expecting a frost last night. I don't think we got it, but I'm trying to think of ways to bring Fall indoors.
    I also need to get new boots and coat. I love your choices!

  4. I love that jacket, although I hear the winters here are pretty mild plus with my hot flashes this might not be the time for a warm jacket. But boots are a favorite. BTW- I spy some very cool looking artwork on your wall, is there more of this room? I'm terribly behind on my blog visits, my blog life is a mess since we moved, so pity my ignorance :) I hope all is well!

  5. Love the boots! Love the coat (a variation of the classic "P" jacket?)! Gonna rush right out and buy them for myself. PS...also love the leaves and the bed frame, but you know I always love everything about your home.

    1. Jill, let me know if you buy something. I would love to hear if you are happy with the quality. So far I have not been disappointed. Glad you dropped by. :)

  6. It's been true fall weather here for some time, except this weekend which was wonderfully warm. I'm getting in the mood for fall colours and ready to retire the summer clothes. Love to see what you do with that bed frame!

  7. uhhhh I see you changed your headed picture. I LOVE that picture of your patio table. Great choice!!!!! Have a happy fall and looking forward to the big reveal sooN!

  8. ooh, love the jacket and boots. I would live in them all winter. I could do with a new winter jacket, but haven't decided what I want.

    By the way, thanks so much for your comment on my blog about how you use the recipes. I think you may be the only one so i post for you and me!

  9. I love those autumn leaves.. Autumn only began three days ago here... We were blessed by a long summer and my feet had a hard time getting used to closed shoes last Thursday ;)

  10. You have great taste in clothes too, I would choose both the coat and the great boots !


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