Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Greenland Raw

Greenland was certainly not on my list
but it might be now.

Look down in the left hand corner and spot those little wooden homes
and then look up at that view.
If  you are like me,

Spot the hikers for perspective.
Oh to be one of them.
Like an explorer from another time.


  1. Wow, that is spectacular! The people look like dots. Great perspectives.

  2. I saw this post a few weeks ago and didn't have time to comment, but I wanted you (and your husband and son) to know that I'm so impressed with Greenland. Like you it is now on my must-see list. I love how cute the houses are in such a hostile climate (why do our northern homes have to look like bunkers)? Thanks for posting.

  3. It's very hard to imagine waking up to a view like that every day !


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