Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Recently, we had family here for a spontaneous, although rather short, visit.
As usual, I love to get ready by sprucing up the house with the addition of fresh flowers and little touches that may make our family feel more special.

I think the whole process becomes a combination of me feeling good about our home while
hoping they feel welcomed into our space.

Living far away from them means that these special get togethers are less frequent
and therefore we tend to have this heightened sense of purpose in ensuring that it is a wonderful time for all.

In general, I feel somewhat compelled,
to up the ante while they are here.

You know what I mean? 
The menu gets a little more elaborate than it might have been.
The need for flowers in the bedrooms becomes an "obvious" necessity...
although straightening lampshades... not always  :)

Matter of fact.... a 9.99$ bouquet of Costco flowers goes a long way.

The purchase of granny's favourite chocolates is a clear must.
Delicate desserts which normally do not appear around here on a week night... are suddenly in the works.

Life just ventures down this lovely little side road for a few days.
It's nice.
Even Jack waits by the door in anticipation.

And usually the breaking away from your regular routine,
opens the way for a new memory-making experience to flow into your life.

These days given the rapid changes taking place with members of our family
due to Alzheimers and Dementia,
we tend to grab hold of these opportunities and embrace them the best way we can.
I have talked about our  dear Greta in a past post over here. (just click)

She tends to enjoy activities such as assembling a puzzle.
Although not easy for her she loved watching our daughter and handing her pieces.

Not something we normally do on a busy Sunday night when we are all focused on the week ahead.
But,  it reminds us of the importance of dropping our routine when these opportunities present themselves....
and allowing ourselves to move with the moment.

When they left we were glad that we did.
We had a perfect few days of memory-making.
Short as it was, it doesn't take more that that.


  1. Lovely... So sorry about Greta. It's wonderful that she was enjoying the puzzle. xoxo

  2. "Life just ventures down this lovely little side road for a few days..." I just love that. I think that little sentence is going to stay with me for a long time. The glimpses of your home soothe me with its beauty. I have not been sharing glimpses of my home on my blog lately, for a reason but I have been sharing on my Instagram. I actually have a lot of dark brown-black wood throughout our white and grey home. Some day I hope to share it on my blog again...been dealing with some bullying this year that has almost shut me down. I appreciate your kind visits and loveliness you share with us.

  3. yes I do know what you mean about those little touches to the guest rooms. It makes us feel better to know that things look special for our guests and the title of this blog post says it all. What a sweet photo of your daughter and Greta spending time doing something so simple and yet it's the time together that matters so much. I'm sorry that age is adding such difficulties to Greta's life, but how wonderful to have family as sensitive and caring as you. :)
    BTW--the lighting in your home makes such beautiful photos!

  4. I enjoy these special times as well, the fresh flowers and chocolates. A time to bring out the linen napkins and good wine glasses. However brief, it's usually well needed.

    So sorry about dear Greta. I'm realizing how fleeting our time with our elders can be. Your daughter is a good soul. Sending good thoughts your way.

    Jane xx

  5. What a charming post Donna! Beautiful words, beautiful images, thanks a lot for sharing


  6. What a lovely blog and home you have, Donna. Having a family member with dementia makes us appreciate the days more. xo Laura

  7. I'm sure that evening making puzzles will stay in your mind as a sweet memory for ever.

  8. Dementia/Alzheimer is the person stealer. I've seen it in my mother and mother-in-law and now I'm seeing it in my older sister. Bless your dear Greta. I'm sure she enjoyed helping with the puzzle. I agree that it's nice to add special touches to our home when we have guests, whether for a meal or overnight. Lovely post, Donna.

  9. What a beautiful post Donna !
    I've recently connected with a fellow Quebec blogger - who documents her Mom's journey with Alzheimer's ( she's in the Eastern Township ) I think you'd love her blog

  10. The sweetest story is in the pictures of your daughter taking the time and care to sit with Greta, working on the puzzle, and Greta's appreciation showing in that kiss. It's tempting to sit those who have lost their cognitive abilities to the side but obviously that doesn't happen in your home. I love all the ways, great and small, that you make people welcome in your home!

  11. A beautifully written and heartfelt post. The simplicity of piecing together a puzzle with loved ones is something I've enjoyed myself, and a lovely memory to hold.


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