Thursday, October 9, 2014

Salutation to the Dawn

Certain sayings, habits, rituals have become part of my core
simply due to the emotion and memories that they tend to evoke.

Waking up early these days seems to be part of my new routine
and one that I cannot easily control.

So I have decided to embrace this reality
and this morning I was so glad I did.

As I was preparing my morning coffee,
I felt particularly drawn to the outdoor colours
which seemed to be transforming by the minute...
due to the effect of the sun,
that was slowing rising above the hills.

Even though the rain had dampened the backyard,
it was hard to resist heading down there to enjoy the coming of the day,
knowing that the sun would continue to change the scenery as it crept higher in the sky.

You know those moments when you think,

why not?
in my robe,
daughter's rain boots on (only footwear by the door)

Wiping off a chair
and sitting down to take in the magic of this time of year
I was reminded as to how spectacular this setting is...
and how fortunate we are.

And then you are reminded that these moments are fleeting.
I returned to the kitchen as the sunlight began to flood the space.

A quick refill
back outside,
 and it was over.

The sun had not made it very high in the sky before
the clouds came in and took over.

It was a moment
and one I would not have seen,
had I been rolling around in bed,
trying to bring on sleep.

Nope, this routine just might bring about a very interesting perspective 
on the day.


  1. It really is a magnificent time of year isn't it? We walked for hours in this ( new to us ) neighborhood a couple of days ago - oohing and aahing like a couple of tourists over the trees and their colors................
    You can just sit in your back yard and see it !!!
    Just gorgeous Donna !

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

    Marina from the South of Spain

  3. You live in a beautiful spot of this country! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures today...I love the morning stillness as well. Enjoy your day!

  4. Wow. Thank you Donna for inviting me over. I felt like I was right there with you, savoring those quiet moments before your day begins. I love those photos, I didn't realize the weather over there. I'm a bit distorted with all this sunshine but I do love our mornings too. Not sure why you're waking early, but I have my hot flashes to blame ...or actually to thank. I also am in awe of the early morning hours.

  5. Through your pretty photos & wonderful words, I feel like I was experiencing the morning with you...and I get it. I really do.

  6. It is a beautiful property and maybe your angels are nudging you in the early morning hours to get out there and be part of it all. So much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend!

  7. Autumn in all it's splendour, what a lovely space! I could do with this routine of yours. The work week finds me waking up at 5 sloshing my way through the morning routine. I think a quick tea and a sit in the back garden would definitely add that all new perspective I am needing. :)

  8. I missed these moments until now Donna. I would have been joining you had I been there. I found myself on our beautiful deck/pergola many early mornings the past few months, in my robe, savouring the beauty of the sunrise. No one can see me so why not. :) Your yard looks all golden in the early light with the trees dressed in yellow leaves. Lovely.

  9. I love pottering outside in my dressing gown and some crocs that I keep by the back door. It's not only the colours and the light, it's the quiet, before the rest of the world has woken (this doesn't happen often though as I'm not much of an early riser !).


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